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Nepal’s Digital Platform, FieldSight Secures US$100,000 in Disaster Tech Innovation Competition

Prudence Foundation announced the winner to the prestigious Disaster Tech Innovation Competition. The event was held in Singapore and Hong Kong on June 27, 2019.

As you might have read from the title, FieldSight grabbed home the First Price! But that’s not all! The company was granted an additional US$ 100,000 to support the implementation and scaling up of the Disaster Tech solution.

(From left to right) Naina Batra-CEO of AVPN, Donald Kanak-Chairman of Prudence Foundation, Jan Gelfand of IFRC, Jared Tham of Give2Asia, Justin Henceroth of FieldSight, Amir Diner of SesmicAl, Adhitya Yusuf of PetaBencana.id, Nate Smith of OpenAerialMap, and Sylvia Cadena of APNIC Foundation.

A select group of finalists was invited to showcase their product in the annual AVPN Conference (collaboration with Prudence Foundation). Moreover, the event was organized to build awareness about natural disasters. Additionally, it promotes ground-breaking tech solutions to “plan for” or “recover from” natural disasters.

What did FieldSight do?

Following a worldwide call for applicants, thousands applied! But FieldSight’s digital platform survived where they went up against the other four finalists, to showcase their product in the front panel of expert judges.

Finally, FieldSight’s mobile platform was crowned the ultimate winner. This is a proud moment for all of us, in Nepal. Since an inevitable disaster created in something more unique and helpful to humanity.

Following the devastating Gorkha Earthquake 2015, FieldSight was founded as a humanitarian digital platform for remote project supervision and monitoring, and infrastructure quality assurance. Furthermore, FieldSight is built to work on mobile devices along with remote locations, thus, creating accurate data to help partners deliver higher-quality and lower-risk recovery projects.

Moreover, the platform was developed in Nepal by UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Support) with technical support from a local company called Naxa. The platform is used to monitor 60,000+ houses, disaster sites, schools, police stations, 15+ countries, and 17+ partner organizations.


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