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Karnali Gets Fast Internet Service


Simple Intelligent System and Technology from Jumla has taken the initiative to provide fast Internet services in all the rural areas of Karnali.

Why it matters?

  • Now, the people in Jumla can use fast Internet service for federal, governmental and personal use. People who were unsatisfied with the Internet service provided by Nepal Telecom can enjoy a faster Internet service.
  • There are dozens of tourist spots in Karnali. The availability of faster Internet service will help establish hotspots in different tourist areas in Karnali. This will ease the communication problems faced by tourist and promote tourism.
  • Similarly, due to the lack of Internet, banking services were not established in many rural areas. This problem will also be solved by having fast Internet service.


According to Shahi, manager of Simple Network,  the fast paced Internet link is available from the mid-point of Nepalgunj to the Bastaphal tower in Jumla passing through the Ranimati tower in Dailekh. He informed that the company has completed establishing the network in Jumla. He also added that the people of Jumla can now enjoy Internet speed of up to 50 Mbps from their houses.

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