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Nepal Police Introduces Fake Social Media Profile Detector and Digital Forensic Lab

Social Network has made communication easier in the world. It has made possible for people who are living very distant to communicate with each other. But, there are some people who are using these sites for criminal activities. People are using fake accounts and are involved in various fraud activities. Every year around 30 incidents are caused due to fake id/accounts . Due to the lack of proper equipment those who are guilty are not arrested and no action are taken upon them. These type of incidents are always being repeated.

Nepal Police has brought a fake social media profile detector which can detect the fake accounts and fake identity. Also, a digital forensic lab has been brought in use for it.


This forensic kit is provided to Nepal Police by Central Investigation Bureau. This kit makes surveillance easy, from social media to email gateway. Nowadays, several technologies are used in most of the crime. The technology like mobile phones, laptops/computers, pen drives etc. are used. This device can be scanned by the forensic kit and any clue related to the crimes can be identified.

Police has hoped that this technology will help them to solve many cases and catch criminals easily and quickly which will save their time so that they can focus on other cases. They don’t have to spend their time on interview of the suspects. It’s better to investigate digitally as technology can be used in frauds and criminal detection activities. This types of technology will help to reduce criminal activities in the country.

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