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eSewa Launches eSpeaker, a QR Standee with Voice-Enabled Technology


  • eSewa eSpeaker is a voice-enabled QR standee for businesses.
  • The device provides instant audio notifications when customers complete QR payments.
  • The eSewa eSpeaker is currently available for booking at a discounted price of Rs. 3,600.

eSewa has launched the eSpeaker device, which provides Nepali voice notifications for QR code payment details. This device eliminates the need for Nepali businesses to rely on SMS messages for verifying the success of QR code payments.

eSewa eSpeaker
eSewa eSpeaker

Currently, businesses in Nepal accepting QR code payments depend on the SMS messages they receive on their linked mobile numbers to confirm transaction success. This necessitates businesses to keep the associated mobile numbers accessible at all times for verification.

Moreover, delays in receiving SMS messages can hinder merchants from promptly verifying QR payment completion. To address these issues, eSewa now offers the eSewa eSpeaker (pronounced as eSewa Speaker) audio alert device, which provides instant audio notifications when customers successfully complete QR payments.

To launch the product, eSewa partnered with Yarsa Tech, a home-grown consumer electronics company in Nepal. The device comes with a 12-month warranty and is compatible with both GSM mode and Wi-Fi connections.

All eSewa QR merchants can order the eSpeaker through the eSewa app or the website. Follow the steps below to request the eSpeaker:

1. Log in to your eSewa account.
2. Navigate to ‘New Services.’
3. Complete the eSpeaker Request Form.

Bookings started on October 18, 2023. Once your request is submitted and approved, eSewa says it will begin shipping the device to your location starting on November 20, 2023, anywhere within Nepal.

The original price of the eSewa eSpeaker is Rs. 4,000. However, in celebration of the festive season, eSewa is offering this device to all eSewa QR Merchants at a discounted price of only Rs. 3,600, which includes installation, delivery, and VAT. In the future, eSewa plans to also introduce a rental model where merchants can rent the device for a certain fee (around Rs. 400) per month.

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