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Electro-Voice Launches Range of Speakers and Microphones in Nepal

Electro-Voice is an American manufacturer of audio equipment, including amplifiers, microphones and loudspeakers focused on pro audio applications such as sound reinforcement and consumer electronics. This company was established in 1930. To know how legendary this brand is, just a look at their history. During World War II, EV developed the noise-canceling microphone, the Electro-Voice T45 lip which was instrumental to airplane, tank, battleship, and ground troop radio communications. So, they know what they are doing.

Electro-Voice has entered in Nepal with its products which were displayed in the Electro-Voice Experience session held a few weeks ago. They range from portable powerful speakers to full concert-grade speakers. We have included a pdf file for all the speakers and products available from Electro voice in Nepal in this article at the bottom.

They have different series geared towards different needs. If you are in need of a powerful speaker for a small venue, some occasional use in your house party then the ZLX series is for you. If you want something for your bar, pub, or disco then your choice should be the ELX200 series. If you feel like you need something more powerful, or something for a larger venue then go for the EKX or ETX series.

The lowest price of their professional portable speaker is Rs. 37500 and it goes all the way up to Rs. 196300. So, these speakers are definitely meant for professionals. I don’t know if anyone would spend a lakh on a speaker for their house party. There are 24 different models in all shapes, sizes, and prices available. If you are really in need of a robust speaker system, you should seriously consider Electro-Voice.

Click this link to download the pdf version of Electro-Voice’s price list. This is the Facebook page of  Electro-Voice. And here is the contact of the Electro-Voice shop in Kathmandu if you are really interested to buy them: 01-4216629.

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