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Beta Version of Election Nepal Released To Visualize Upcoming Local Elections

The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers announced the date of Local Elections to be held on May 14. After 20 years of interval, the local election is being held in Nepal.

Nepali citizens are very excited about the election since it’s been a long time that they have not voted. Due to the Nepalese Civil War, an armed conflict between the Communist Party of Nepal and the government of Nepal, the Local Elections was boycotted from the country by the political parties.

For the first time, the data of the election will be in open and visual format in “Election Nepal.” Election Nepal Beta version was released on Chaitra 31 by Open Knowledge Nepal in collaboration with Code for Nepal. It is a crowdsourcing website where people can find all kind of absolute information and data regarding the local election.

Image credit: Election Nepal

Nikesh Balami, an entrepreneur of Open Knowledge Nepal, is leading the project Election Nepal. He has been playing a role of a mediator and coordinating all the activities between Open Knowledge Nepal and Code for Nepal.

Election Nepal mainly focuses on:


Visualization helps to present the data in an understandable form. The data regarding the election is in open and visual format. Everyone can easily understand the content since they have presented the information in visual format. Also, People can easily share, reuse and embed the data.


The dataset consist of information and data about the number of political parties’ pre-districts, the number of local bodies, election areas, results, candidates and much more in CSV format. Those data are sourced from a different Government website. The Election Commission had already started to generate an enormous amount of election data. Those data can be used for future references as well.

Twitter feed

Twitter feed will broadcast the social buzz regarding the local election.

The main objective of Election Nepal is to flow the information regarding election to the people. Also, it helps you to understand local election procedure and making a better decision.

For more information visit:

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