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DishHome Signs MOU with EkGhanti to Implement Orbit360 System


  • EkGhanti and DishHome sign MOU to implement EkGhanti’s Orbit360 system.
  • Orbit360 is a one-window customer relationship management (CRM) solution for lead generation, campaigns, and more.
  • EkGhanti aims to replace multiple multi-crore worth of international software with the Nepal-made Orbit360 system.

EkGhanti, a communication and VAS enterprise software development company in Nepal, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with DishHome, a home TV and internet service provider in Nepal. The MOU is for the implementation of EkGhanti’s Orbit360 system following a successful proof of concept (POC) phase.

EkGhanti and Dish Home sign MOU to implement Orbit360
EkGhanti and DishHome sign MOU to implement Orbit360

Orbit360 is the latest product line developed by EkGhanti, offering a comprehensive solution for communication, lead generation, campaigns, ticketing, and issue management. It includes customer profiling to enhance the customer experience and gather valuable customer insights.

“The demand for this software is very high in the market,” says Pradeep Khadka, CEO of EkGhanti Services. “It is a software solution that significantly reduces costs by replacing the current dozen pieces of international software that are required to perform the same job.

Despite the demand, we are rolling out the software very slowly, ensuring all the required customization, and because of that, software requests are already full for the year.”

The communication modules in Orbit360 enable omnichannel threaded conversations through integrations with telephony, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, email, and live chat.

Businesses can customize the integration of their preferred communication channels and provide their business support and services on whichever platform their customers are using.

EkGhanti COO and Chief Product Officer Shaswot Ser Adhikari shares, “Orbit360 is one-of-a-kind enterprise software in South Asia. Our one-window philosophy brings all the customer communication and interaction onto one platform, which allows businesses to visualize their customers’ journey and experience with an elevated perception. This will surely provide these businesses with eye-opening insights into their customers.”

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Orbit360 Features

Lead generation and broadcast features help set up campaigns with proper lead funneling, and the targeted customers are provided conversion-based visibility on different platforms.

Ticketing and issue management, along with customer profiling, help businesses identify bottlenecks in the customer journey and make data-driven decisions based on customers’ communication patterns.

Orbit360 is fully made-in-Nepal software that is replacing multiple multi-crore worth of international software that is currently being used on these enterprises.

Orbit360, being home-grown Nepali software, has an edge over currently used international software with fast and robust support and on-demand system customization.

EkGhanti Services released the first version of Orbit360 in February 2023, and it is already being used by IME Pay and IME Remit prior to DishHome. A Handful of Class A Commercial Banks are already testing the software and are in the POC validation phase.

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