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eKantipur Hosts Online Education Expo – 35+ Exhibitors

ekantipur online expo
Image credit: eKantipur, Photomontage: TechLekh

Sambhav Swar Sirohiya, CEO at Kantipur Media Group (KMG) has announced the launch of Nepal’s First Online Exhibition through his Facebook post, earlier today. The exhibition is hosted on eKantipur, KMG’s  online news portal under a separate subdomain, expo.ekantipur.com. The news of this Exhibition (Expo) is also published in the cover-page of today’s’ print of The Kathmandu Post.

About the Expo

  • The exhibition is named “onlineexpo Study Fair 2017” and aims to act as a bridge between the Nepali education system and global technology.
  • 25 Schools and Colleges and 12 Education Consultancies are part of this event; 37 exhibitors in total.
  • Each exhibitor has its own online stall that includes the information about their programs and services along with their contact details.

Though this online expo has gone live today, it has not been clearly stated anywhere on the site about the end date of the expo. So, we are not sure on how long it will endure. However, we can expect the expo to last for at least few days as the organizers are still calling for institutes to be part of this event.

What’s your take?

What are your thoughts on this initiative? How effective is this platform? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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