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Nepal’s First e-Bus to be Operated in the Valley within Three Months

For the first time battery run, e-buses, are expected to run in Kathmandu within the next three months. The bus is going to be operated by International Green Developers Nepal Pvt. Ltd., producer of Gorkha Eco-Panels.

The bus is developed by CNC Brand of China. CNC and Green Developers Nepal have signed an agreement which entails that Green Developers will be the authorized dealers of such buses in Nepal.


According to Krishna Bhakta Duwal, CEO of Gorkha Eco-Panels, the company is planning to bring the buses into operation as soon as possible. They have been conducting feasibility studies for the location of the charging stations and conducting studies to figure out the best route to operate the vehicle.

According to the company, they only plan to operate the bus in the city in the first phase, and later on, expand the service throughout the country. During the first phase, two different types of buses are going to be brought in. One will be of height 10.5 meters with 40 seats and the capacity to handle 90 people. The other will be of heigh oft 6 meters with 15 seats and the capacity to handle 35 people. On a full charge, the bus can operate for 250 kilometers, and it requires around three hours for the battery to fully charge.

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