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Canon 1200D – DSLR Camera For Beginners

You might have seen a photo with blurred (bokeh) background and even wondered how to get a photo like that. Some of you might have even searched for “How to get a blurred background?” Well, then for most of you, this was your first encounter with DSLR.

It’s always hard to start with any new profession and photography is no exception. DSLRs used to be pretty expensive. People used to hesitate to spend money on some bulky piece of instrument. But with the release of Canon EOS 1200D, everything changed. 1200D was much powerful than its successor 1100D and it became the most common DSLR for beginners to start with.

Canon 1200D is one of the most affordable DSLR and right now it is available in Nepal for Rs.39,500.

The quality of the picture is great with its 18MP sensor. With its capacity to shoot in Auto mode, along with some predefined settings (Portrait Mode, Smart Auto, Landscape Mode, Night Mode) it is easier to use for people with no knowledge of photography. For the beginners, 1200D is like a holy grail.

The camera allows shooting in Av (Aperture Priority), Tv (Shutter Priority), P (Programmed Mode) which acts as a guide for beginners and M (Manual Mode) which allows shooting with your own settings. ISO is in the range of 100 (normal light) to 6400 (low light), it is flexible to shoot in varying conditions. Also, it can shoot videos at 1080p (24fps, 25fps, and 50fps) which is great for videographers.

Canon 1200D proved to be a friend for those who used digital cameras and were never satisfied by the picture quality and the limitations. Ever since the release of Canon 1200D, there has been a growing trend to get our own DSLR. In a country like Nepal, where buying our own DSLR is not common, Canon 1200D is becoming the choice. May it is for the reason for personal use or organizational, people are starting to get their own DSLR.

Thanks to Canon who made it possible for me and so many others to begin with photography.

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