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Mavic Pro, DJI’s First Foldable Drone is Available in Nepal for Rs. 1,36,000

dji mavi pro done nepal
Mavic Pro folded up | Photo credit: Mashable

DJI is the innovator of revolutionary products like the Phantom 4 consumer drone, Inspire 2 professional drone, Osmo & Osmo Mobile hand-held stabilizers, X5S aerial cameras and various other camera equipment. This innovative company recently launched it’s new consumer drone; the Mavic Pro.

Oliz Store, the official distributor of DJI products in Nepal, has started the sales of the DJI Mavic Pro in Nepal. The consumer drone is now more compact, portable yet packs more features than the previous drones of the DJI. The DJI Mavic Pro folds down as small as a bottle of water. It is available for a price of Rs. 1,36,000 via Oliz Store.

Video source: DJI

As per the Government of Nepal, one needs to acquire permission from the below listed ruling bodies prior to using a drone:

  • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Ministry of Information Technology
  • Civil Aviation Association of Nepal (CAAN)

Also, people need to follow following rules & regulation:

  • Any person or entity intending to operate drone is required to submit security clearance letter from The Government of Nepal and the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Any person or entity shall be subject to punishment pursuant to Civil Aviation Authority Act (2053) if found violating the rule by operating a drone without permission from CAAN.

List of required documents for Drone Operation Permission:

  •  Request Letter
  •  A copy of Operation Specifications of Drone
  •  A copy of Map of Operation Area
  •  Copy that shows lat-long(latitude-longitude) box of operation area
  •  No Objection / Recommendation Letter of the concerned owner if an operation area is a private place or property
  • Letter from the concerned authority for security clearance and or other clearance

You can download the application from here.

So, before you buy one, make sure to follow the law and acquire the necessary documents.

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Features of DJI Mavic Pro drone 


Diagonal Size (Excluding Propellers) 335 mm
Weight (including battery and propellers) 1.62 lbs (734 g) (exclude gimbal cover)
1.64 lbs (743 g) (include gimbal cover)
Max Ascent Speed 16.4 ft/s (5 m/s) in Sport mode
Max Descent Speed 9.8 ft/s (3 m/s)
Max Speed 40 mph (65 kph) in Sport mode without wind
Max Flight Time 27 minutes (0 wind at a consistent 15.5 mph (25 kph))
Max Hovering Time 24 minutes (0 wind)
Overall flight time 21 minutes ( In normal flight, 15% remaining battery level )
Max Flight Distance 8 mi (13 km, 0 wind)

Remote Controller

Max Transmission Distance FCC Compliant: 4.3 mi (7 km);
CE Compliant: 2.5 mi (4 km) (Unobstructed, free of interference)
Battery 2970mAh
Operating Voltage 950mA @ 3.7V
Supported Mobile Device Size Thickness Supported:6.5-8.5mm
Max length: 160mm
Supported USB port types: Lightning, Micro USB(Type-B),USB(Type-C)™


Controllable Range Pitch: -90° to +30°
Roll: 0° or 90° (Horizontally and vertically)
Stabilization 3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw)


Sensor 1/2.3” (CMOS), Effective pixels:12.35 M (Total pixels:12.71M)
Lens FOV 78.8° 28 mm (35 mm format equivalent) f/2.2, Distortion < 1.5% Focus from 0.5 m to ∞
ISO Range 100-3200 (video), 100-1600 (photo)
Shutter Speed 8s -1/8000s
Image Max Size 4000×3000
Still Photography Modes Single shot
Burst shooting: 3/5/7 frames
Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3/5 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV Bias
Video Recording Modes C4K: 4096×2160 24p
4K: 3840×2160 24/25/30p
2.7K: 2704×1520 24/25/30p
FHD: 1920×1080 24/25/30/48/50/60/96p
HD: 1280×720 24/25/30/48/50/60/120p
Max Video Bitrate 60 Mbps
Supported File Formats FAT32 ( ≤ 32 GB ); exFAT ( > 32 GB )
Video MP4, MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
Supported SD Card Types Micro SD™
Max capacity: 64 GB. Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required


Voltage 13.05 V
Rated Power 50 W

Intelligent Flight Battery

Capacity 3830 mAh
Voltage 11.4 V
Battery Type LiPo 3S
Energy 43.6 Wh
Net Weight Approx.0.5 lbs(240 g)

You can buy the DJI Mavic Pro drone from Oliz store’s official website on this link


  • how can i buy directly watching at the shop in Nepal? can i get the contact number where the gadgets sell in Nepal? I want to buy this very soon. plz help me DJI Mavic pro. but it is a little more price than in abroad.

    • · Edit

      The name of the seller was included clearly in the article, it is sold by oliz store in Nepal. They might not have the mavic pro in stock. Check out their website “www.olizstore.com” where you’ll find all the contact information you need or you could contact them via facebook. Thanks


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