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Dish Home to Invest Rs. 400 Million to Bring Internet Services in Nepal via Fiber and Satellite

The satellite based Digital TV service provider; Dish Home is planning to launch its own Internet services in Nepal. The company is a pioneer in providing TV channel service in Nepal for almost 9 years. And now they’re setting their sight to provide Internet service throughout Nepal through satellite and fiber.Dish Home is planning to launch this service through their existing satellite connection. For satellite connection, Dish Home is collaborating with Israeli satellite company, Spacecom. The Israeli satellite used to provide Internet is named Amos 17 and is centered around Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

As per the reports, the company will be investing Rs 400 million in the first phase of the project in Kathmandu valley. Additionally, it has also been revealed that the company will be launching it’s services through the name “Simple Media Network”.

So, why satellite connection?

Well, satellite connections can reach everywhere, including most rural areas, they’re introducing this connection. Fiber cable can reach places but implementing them is not an easy task.

Dish Home is planning to release both connection facilities for user convenience. Even though the cost of satellite connection is a bit higher than fiber, it’ll still be worth it if it can be implemented in rural areas. They’re currently surveying the areas and studying the terrain so as to make sure everything goes perfectly. Once surveying is complete, they’ll most probably start bringing in materials soon after.

As per the sources, the company is planning to release their Internet services through fiber services within the next 3 months in Kathmandu. After Kathmandu, major cities will be receiving services soon after. Rural areas may have to wait a little longer. Whereas, satellite based internet-services could take nearly a year depending on fast the surveys are completed.

What’ll be more interesting to see is how good will they hold in the current market. There are 4 major competitors for Dish Home and if they can somehow capitalize using the satellite connection, they’ might rise up to the top. Even if they fail in the city area, if they could somehow capture the rural areas, it would be a successful scenario for them.

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