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Deerthon – First Inter-Collegiate CSIT hackathon by DWIT Software Club

deerthon hackathonMost of the hackathons these days bring together programmers, designers, coders, techies and geeks to develop some application or product. However, this hackathon named ‘Deerthon’ that is being organized by DWIT Software Club is quite unique.

First, the hackathon is the first Inter-Collegiate CSIT hackathon which aims to concentrate only CSIT students to provide them excellent exposure. Only CSIT students can participate in this hackathon. Next, the result criteria of the hackathon are focused on the technicalities of how the given problem is solved rather than the presentation which sometimes brings biases in the result. Also, there will be a selection process for the teams who give their names for the event. All registered teams will get a set of brain-teaser question prior the event on 13th June from the organizers. Teams are required to send the answers or solutions to the questions back to the organizers by 15th June. Then, organizers will come up with a total of top 12 teams on the basis of answers provided by the registered teams who will receive an invitation email on 16th June to participate in the event.

The thing that makes the hackathon entirely different and stand-out of any other hackathon is the ‘theme’. The theme of the hackathon will not be shared prior the event. It will be shared with the selected teams at the spot which ensures that no preparation before the hackathon. Teams will start the hack from the same line, fairness to all.

The primary purpose of the event is to give the students confidence to approach problem-solving from a new and more efficient angle. Thus, the winners of the hackathon will be rewarded cash prizes along with the internship opportunities in Deerwalk Services, one of the reputed and largest software companies in Nepal.


Talking about the objective of the hackathon, Subigya Kumar Nepal, President of DWIT Software clubs says, “The primary objective of the event is to bring together the creative and brilliant minds of B.Sc.CSIT course program. We hope that through the event we will promote the program and let others know that we have brilliant and capable minds studying it. And to the participants, it’s an exciting opportunity to win an eight weeks internship in Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd, one of the biggest software companies in Nepal.


The hackathon is scheduled for 18th – 19th June that will take place at Deerwalk Institute of Technology, Siphal.

If you are thinking to register your team in this hackathon, then here is what you have to do. First, open the official site of Deerthon, then scroll down to the bottom of the site where you’ll see a Google Form – this is the form where you need to fill some details to get your team registered. The form will be closed on 13th June, 9 PM.

The event has some rules that need to be followed. Some more information that you should be aware of. The detail goes right on the same link mentioned above, make sure to read them carefully.

For regular updates on the event, pay a visit to Facebook page of Deerthon.


Event Details

Date: June 18th – 19th, 2016
Venue: Deerwalk Institute of Technology, Siphal.
Registration and other details: http://deerthon.dwit.edu.np/

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