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Deerthon: Inter-College CSIT Hackathon Scheduled for June

deerthon hackathonUpdate: The event is re-scheduled, and now will take place on 12th – 13th August 2017.

Good news for all those enthusiastic students on programming field. Deerthon, one of the Nepal’s biggest inter-college CSIT Hackathon, is being conducted by the Software Club of Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) on 17th -18th June 2017 in Deerwalk Complex, Siphal.

The Club has been conducting Deerthon since 2014 A.D., and this is the 4th Hackathon, it’s conducting. The Hackathon is focused on CSIT students who are willing to take part in some Hacking Competition. This event will enhance and develop student’s problem-solving skills, coding skills, and other technical skills.

Forms can be filled from the official site of Deerthon. The form will be closed on June 7th.

All the registered teams will receive a set of brain-teaser (or fun) questions on their email on 8th June. The team will have two days to come up with a solution. They will have to send the answer by 10th June. Selection will be made on the basis of answers provided by the team members. Top 12 teams will be selected for the Hackathon. All the selected teams will receive an invitation email on 15th June. To participate in the Hackathon, you must be currently pursuing B.Sc.CSIT.

“We have improved a lot from the experiences of previous Deerthon and have updated our equipment and this time it will be a very well managed event. We request all the CSIT students to at least give it a try!”, says Shreyansh Lodha, President of the Software Club.

The primary purpose of the event is to give the students the confidence to approach problem-solving and a lot of experience in brainstorming. The winners of the Hackathon will be rewarded cash prizes along with the internship opportunities in Deerwalk Services, one of the reputed and largest software companies in Nepal.

All the other details about the event, the rules and instructions can be accessed from the official site of Deerthon at http://deerthon.dwit.edu.np

For regular updates, you can visit the Facebook page of Deerthon: https://www.facebook.com/deerthon/Facebook

Guest Author

Ajay BastolaThis article is a guest post by Ajaya Bastola. He is a CSIT student and a member of DWIT Software Club.

Edited by- Prabina Neupane

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