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Daraz Creating Change: Sets Ambitious Goal to Create 1,00,000 Jobs in Nepal By 2022

L-R Daraz Managing Director – Lino Ahlering, Daraz Global CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen and Daraz Managing Director Jai Kavi

Forget about Amazon or e-Bay or any other e-commerce site!

Daraz is leading the battlefront to revolutionize Nepal’s online e-commerce market for once and for all. At the press meeting held on Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, Daraz announced its intentions to lead Nepal into the digital era by 2022.

Moreover, the event was hosted by Daraz Global CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen along with giants from the industry. Additionally, the event highlighted Daraz’s upcoming goals to take the e-commerce market to the next step.

Yes, the road is going to be a tough one. But it will be worth it, especially, after reaching the ambitious goal to create 1,00,000 jobs in Nepal by 2022!

How Will Daraz Achieve That?

Well, it does seem next-to-impossible so it is completely justified to be pessimistic. However, Daraz has completely mapped-out the road to achieving their incredible goal.

Firstly, the company plans to introduce fully digitalized logistics ecosystem with real-time location feature. Moving on, they are trying to drive 100%+ annual growth while introducing trust in digital payments.

Plus, the customer service will be given the utmost priority. Moreover, active Daraz sellers will be educated via “Daraz University” to give a more consistent and reliable service.

According to the strategy, the Government of Nepal is working to build a stronger legal and institutional framework to make the entire e-commerce sector more standardized and more uniform.

Is the Goal Achievable?

Okay, I think yes!

In mid-2016, Daraz, previously known as Kaymu, launched in Nepal. Maybe, some thought it was just another e-commerce site trying its luck in the Nepali market.

However, Daraz did more than just “sell stuff online”. Thanks to them, people were more comfortable ordering anything online. But that’s wasn’t all! The company brought in more offers and discounts to gain the consumer’s trust. Then, Daraz became a house-hold name!

Daraz is already working towards the goal with the introduction of “Card Pre-Payment”. Just a few years ago, paying before the delivery sounded taboo, but now… it’s a new normal.

Now, Daraz provides immediate and easy access to 2,50,000+ products with 75,000+ daily users! Yes, it didn’t happen in an instant, but it did happen. So, the “1,00,000 jobs” and “digital future” sounds impossible, but it is completely achievable.

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