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Exciting Offers on Cameras with Daraz’s Capture It All – Up to 44% OFF

There are plenty of deals going on all around the month on one of the biggest e-commerce site of Nepal, Daraz. And one of the most recent is Daraz’s “Capture it All” campaign where you’re getting exciting deals on DSLR cameras, Mirrorless cameras, Action camera, Security cameras, Camera lenses, and various camera accessories.

This campaign is offering up to 42% discount on one of the DSLR cameras and other alluring discount offers on various cameras from Nikon, Sony, and Canon.

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DSLR Cameras

Under DSLR cameras, models like Canon 80D, Canon 800D, Canon 750D, and others are available with various Kit lenses, SD Card, Carry Bag, and a Tripod.

The Best deal among the bunch has to be the Canon 80D with 18-1335 IS USM lens. It costs Rs. 1,26,240 after 16% discount on original price of Rs. 1,50,000. Canon 80D is one of the best Budget DSLRs if you are looking to get started professionally when it comes to videos or photos. You won’t be getting 4k or high fps shooting modes (120fps and more) on the 80D, but hands down it is a very good pick up to start your professional career.

Mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless cameras are best in terms of portability and are trending these days. Especially, Sony has been gaining quite a lot of market with their mirrorless cameras and luckily, if you are looking to buy one in Nepal, you will get valuable discounts on some of the models on Daraz.

Sony A7R 2 (Body Only), Sony A7 iii, A6500, A6300, and others are available for a discounted price. You will get a maximum discount of 29% on Sony A7R 2 as it costs Rs. 225,000 instead of Rs. 317,000.

Best deal in this category should go to the Sony A6500. It’s available for a discounted price of Rs. 1,28,700 (21% off on original price of Rs. 1,63,000). As of writing, the Sony A6500 costs 1,198 USD on B&H, which roughly amounts to Rs. 1,33,000. Moreover, it means this deal is even cheaper than what you are getting internationally. Therefore, if you have been thinking of getting the Sony A6500 or any mirrorless camera, this deal is a must check out for you.

Except this, Sony’s E 35 MM F/1.8 lens is also available for Rs. 46,407 after 5% discount on the original price. So, a combo of the Sony A6500 and the E 35MM lens should make perfect sense if you’re looking to get a mirrorless camera and a lens.

Security Cameras and Systems

Except for DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras, there are cameras for security purpose as well. Various CCTV cameras from brands like CP PLUS and TP-LINK are available for a discounted price.

Except these, there are various accessories and systems like SMPS for CCTV, cables, spy cams, and others.


Action cameras like GO Pro Hero 7 (Rs. 48,500/ 2%off) are also available along with other affordable action cams from other brands. Then they also have varieties of camera accessories like SD Cards, battery, Lenses, Camera Filters, Tripods, and others on discounted price.

This campaign is perfect for you guys if you are looking to get started with photography or videography. You will find some of the best DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras for best prices. In addition, there are tons of camera accessories to take your game to the next level.

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