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IMS Brings Crane USA Humidifiers to Nepal

humidifier is a device, primarily an electrical appliance that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or an entire building.

Why is a humidifier necessary?

Low humidity may occur in hot, dry desert climates, or indoors in artificially heated spaces. So, if you live in an arid climate, humidifiers are useful to make the air more comfortable for you. Even if you don’t live in the desert, humidifiers have a use for you. If you use heaters to heat your house, the humidity in the air may drop to about 10% to 20%. This low humidity can cause adverse health effects by drying out mucous membranes such as the lining of the nose and throat and can cause respiratory distress.

The low humidity also can affect wooden furniture, causing shrinkage and loose joints or cracking of pieces. Books, papers, and artworks may shrink or warp and become brittle in very low humidity (but this may not be that much of a major concern unless you are a real art connoisseur). So, humidifiers are useful in this winter season.

Crane USA Humidifiers in Nepal

So, now that we have established humidity in air is necessary, its time for me to inform you about the new humidifiers entering Nepal just in time for this winter.

IMS group has brought in humidifiers made by a brand called Crane USA into Nepal. They advertise themselves as the world’s no.1 humidifiers brand. Crane has won multiple awards including JPMA Innovation Award in the On The Go category for the Travel Humidifier -October 2015, Eco-Excellenceence Award, IHA Innovation Award, etc.

SmartDoko is the sole authorized online products for the Crane USA Products. Currently, 8 humidifiers are available in the store and probably more are slated to arrive slowly. Along with the humidifiers, IMS has also brought in 2 air purifiers just in case you would want to remove contaminants from the air in your room.

If you were wondering why these humidifiers and purifiers look a little cartoonish, that’s because they are designed as a baby care product. If you want to learn more about how humidifier will help your baby or just want to know more about the products in general, visit IMS’ website.

If you want to buy these humidifiers and air-purifiers, head over to SmartDoko. All the humidifiers cost Rs. 9,490 (except the crane train that costs Rs. 10,440) and all the air purifiers cost Rs. 16,140.


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