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Cloudflare’s Data Center Now in Nepal

Image Courtesy: blog.cloudflare.com

Cloudflare has recently deployed its 123rd data center in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the 42nd data center of Cloudflare in Asia.

The details:

  • Cloudflare is a service provided by Cloudflare Inc. It enhances the security and performance features of a network of websites. It acts as an intermediary between the user and a website.
  • Whenever a user accesses a website that has Cloudflare service, they will be directed to one of Cloudflare’s servers instead of the site’s actual server.
  • This allows for sites to load faster and prevents downtime as they have multiple servers worldwide.

Why it matters:

  • Until now, the website request from Nepal had to be responded from the data server at India, Hong Kong or Singapore.
  • Therefore, having Cloudflare’s data center in Nepal will make the websites that use Cloudflare’s caching service load faster.
  • This means, it will reduce the round trip time between when you make a request and get a response. When you open a popular website or any website that uses Cloudflare’s caching service (such as TechLekh), the page loads will be much faster.

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