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Cinemaghar: Finally a Good App for Nepali Movie Lovers

Are you guys a Nepali movie buff? Maybe you like the online series like ‘Hamro HighSchool’. Whatever your taste, you will like Cinemaghar if you enjoy consuming Nepali content on the internet.

Cinemaghar is an app where users can find Nepali movies, online series, and standup comedies. Some contents are free whereas there are some premium contents as well.


App Layout

I was mildly surprised by the layout of the app. I didn’t expect it to be so intuitive. It really felt like a high-quality endeavor. The yellow and black color combination looks good, the makers of the app have nailed the subtle curves on the edges of different movie icons. There are not many confusing buttons on the home screen. There’s one hamburger menu at the top-left, a search button and a notification button at the top right. The search functionality is fast and it shows the movies that are available almost instantaneously. I really liked how the hamburger menu at the top-left of the app pops open as a red quarter-circle instead of a boring list.

How Was The Content?

As I am not an avid consumer of Nepali content, I am not the best person to judge the quality of Cinemaghar’s options. But, I found Kabaddi Kabaddi here but Jholay was weirdly missing. So, I guess Cinemaghar is in the process to make more content available. What surprised me was that the player used is YouTube. So, in essence, they are just aggregating the movies that were already available on YouTube and presenting them in a slick package. That’s a plus point because YouTube is way faster than any other player they may have used.

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Online shows like ‘Nepali Standup Comedy’ and ‘My Best Friend’ have also found their place in Cinemaghar. This means Cinemaghar is also a good platform for independent online creators to gain viewership for their content.

There are some paid exclusives that you can download from the app. To do so, you will need to create your account here. You can pay via PayTm, Visa/MasterCard, Paypal, Esewa, and Khalti.

What Else?

The hamburger menu has some useful buttons hidden within it. There’s a genre section where you can browse movies by their genre (duh). There’s a news section where you can comb through all the Nepali movie-related news.


You probably realize by now that I like this app very much. It’s intuitive, slick, and without any hiccups. There seems to be something for everybody here – online comedy, online shows, movies. And there are no ads on the homepage. Some appear when you pause a movie, but you can quickly cross them out. The player, as it is youtube, is fast and the controls are familiar.

The only negative comment that I have is that it took me three tries to sign up. The app didn’t think my email was legitimate. But, other than that, it’s been a pleasure using this app. I hope you guys will give this a try.

Get it on App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android respectively.

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