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Cheers – Online Liquor Store Launches its Mobile Apps

Cheers is no longer the one and only online liquor store in Nepal. But it sure was first. Situated in Kamaladi, the company started in July 7, 2016. It had over 500 products including beverages, mixes, and tobacco along with different types of liquor such as vodka, wine, and whiskey along with many others when it first launched. The inventory has only increased with time.

Cheers aim to provide a solution to all liquor needs of its customers. Not only does it provide different types of liquor, but it also provides soft drinks, juice, and water under beverages, honey, and syrup under mixers. It delivers to your home starting from 10 am to 10 pm, all year round.

Now, ordering from Cheers has been made even easier with the release of a new Cheers app. It is available in both the iOS app store and the Android Play Store. The app is just a replica of Cheer’s website. As the app has just been released, it doesn’t look its best yet. Some animation look stuttery and the animation that pops up when you add anything to cart looks cartoonish, but overall it’s a decent app.

You can download the app by typing “cheers liquor” in your respective mobile app store for applications starting today. Get ready to be Jhyappi with this Jhyappi app. Got it? Jhyap + Happy = Jhyappi. Thank Cheers for that word. Now, go drink your booze.

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