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CG Net Finally Launches Its IPTV + Internet Service, Introduces CGNET Jodi and CG Grand Jodi

CG Net, the fastest growing ISP in Nepal, finally launched the long-awaited IPTV service in Nepal in an event today at Hotel Himalaya. The service is offered under the plan named “CG Net Jodi”.

CG Net launches CGNET Jodi, its internet + IPTV service
CG Net launches CGNET Jodi, its internet + IPTV service

With the CG Net Jodi package, customers can now access both the internet and IPTV from CG Net. The ISP launched the IPTV service in association with SkyCom.

During the event, Nirvana Chaudhary, managing director of CG Corp Global, said that CG NET is bringing the latest 10Gbps XGS-PON technology, mesh Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi 6 soon. Furthermore, he also said that CG Net is bringing low earth orbit satellite-based internet connectivity for remote areas in Nepal.

Similar to the CGNET Super Value Plan, the CG Net Jodi also includes three plans: Sprinter Jodi, Popular Jodi, and Rockstar Jodi. The Sprinter Jodi, Popular Jodi, and Rockstar Jodi offer 80Mbps + IPTV, 155Mbps + IPTV, and 305Mbps + IPTV, respectively.

In addition, as Nepal’s biggest festival, Dashain, and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 are approaching, CG Digital, Chaudhary Group’s electronics e-commerce, also launched a campaign called “CG Grand Jodi.” This campaign offers the user to get a CG Smart TV along with the internet and IPTV.

“Normally, we know FTTH as Fiber-to-the-Home. As Dashain and the FIFA World Cup draw closer, we are changing the meaning of FTTH to Festival-to-the-Home and Football-to-the-Home. This is how we would like to define the CG Grand Jodi bundle.”

— Amitesh Roy, CEO, CG Communications

The CG Grand Jodi offers users the choice of a 43-inch CG TV with 80Mbps internet and IPTV for Rs. 35,999 or a 32-inch CG TV with 80Mbps and IPTV for Rs. 25,499, both with 6 months of subscription. The prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.

CG NET Jodi Plan: Internet Plans and Pricing

The CG NET Jodi plan includes 80Mbps, 155Mbps, and 305Mbps internet plans, all with IPTV subscriptions. This plan is only available on quarterly and annual subscriptions. And CG Net will provide only one IPTV connection per internet connection.

According to CG Net, the offered IPTV consists of a total of 257 channels, out of which 125 are HD channels and the remaining 132 are SD channels. There are 50+ entertainment channels, 30+ news channels, 10+ music channels, 10+ kids channels, 10+ spiritual channels, 20+ sports channels, and more. It has more than 20 Star channels, 15 Sony channels, 5 Colors channels, 10 Zee networks, and more channels.

The installation charge and drop wire charge for the CGNET Jodi plan are free. The rental charge for the dual-band router is also free for a 12-month subscription. However, the ISP charges Rs. 1,000 for the dual-band router if the user opts for a 3-month plan.

For the set-up box, all package subscribers have to pay Rs. 2,600 as a rental charge. Additionally, users have to pay Rs. 1,000 as a deposit, which is refundable if the user returns the router and set-top box in working condition.

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CG NET Jodi Subscription Plan Price

The Sprinter Jodi plan, which is the cheapest Jodi plan, includes 80Mbps internet and IPTV subscriptions. The 12-month subscription for it costs Rs. 9,720 without VAT. Whereas, the 3-month Sprinter Jodi plan costs Rs. 2,640 without VAT.

Similarly, the Popular Jodi plan, which combines 155Mbps internet with IPTV, price is Rs. 12,660 without VAT for a 12-month subscription. The 3-month Popular Jodi plan costs Rs. 3,750 without VAT.

Among the three, the Rockstar Jodi plan is the most expensive combo pack that includes 305Mbps internet and IPTV subscriptions. The Rockstar plan costs Rs. 16,488 without VAT for an annual subscription. A quarterly subscription to the Rockstar plan costs Rs. 4,542 without VAT.

Price Table (Subscription Only)

Months CG NET 80Mbps + IPTV CG NET 155Mbps + IPTV CG NET 305Mbps + IPTV
3 Months Rs. 2640 (Rs. 2983.2 with VAT) Rs. 3750 (Rs. 4237.5 with VAT) Rs. 4542 (Rs. 5132.46 with VAT)
12 Months Rs. 9720 (Rs. 10983.6 with VAT) Rs. 12660 (Rs. 14305.8 with VAT) Rs. 16488 (Rs. 18631.44 with VAT)

Additional Charges

One Time Charge Installation Charge Drop Wire Charge Rental Charge for Dual Band Router Rental Charge for Set-Up Box Refundable Deposit
3 Months Free Free Rs. 1000 Rs. 2600 Rs. 1000
12 Months Free Free Free Rs. 2600 Rs. 1000

Note: The above prices are without VAT.

CG Grand Jodi Plan Price

The CG Grand Jodi provides a subscription of 80Mbps internet and IPTV for 6 months and a CG Smart TV. It includes two packages: Grand 43 and Grand 32.

CG Grand Jodi offer, CG Smart TV with 80Mbps internet and IPTV
CG Grand Jodi offer, CG Smart TV with 80Mbps internet and IPTV

The Grand 43 package gives users a 43-inch CG TV with 80Mbps and IPTV at Rs. 35,999 without VAT. Likewise, the Grand 32 package gives users a 32-inch CG TV with 80Mbps and IPTV at Rs. 25,499 without VAT.

According to CG Net, the 13% VAT will be the only additional fee that applies to the aforementioned pricing.

CG Net says that the TV will be delivered for free within 7 working days for the inside valley and 10 working days for the outside valley after successful internet installation and payment collection.

Price Table

CG Grand Jodi (80Mbps + IPTV) 43 Inch CG TV Jodi 32 Inch CG TV Jodi
6 Months Rs. 41679 (with VAT) Rs. 29814 (with VAT)

Note: The above prices include VAT, ONU rental charges, drop wire charges, activation and installation charges, refundable deposit, and TSC.

CG NET Coverage Area

The CGNET is currently offering service throughout the valley as well as in seven places outside of Kathmandu: Hetauda, Butwal, Bhairahawa, Nawalpur, Bharatpur, Ratnanagar, and Kawasoti.

You can click here to see if the CGNET has arrived at your location.

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What do you think of the CGNET Jodi? Would you install it in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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