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BusSewa.com introduces BusSewa Operator App

Most of us consider visiting of our relatives during the holidays. Since not everyone has a car to ride, we resort to public transportation. Long queues, bulky luggage and frustrated faces are just some of the common sights to see in a bus terminal.

BusSewa.com, an online real time bus ticket booking platform powered by Diyalo Technologies Pvt. Ltd is the solution to these problems. This has been created with a vision of innovating business processes of Travel Operators in Nepal and alleviate the stress of long bus queues.

To help the cause, BusSewa has launched BusSewa Operator android app targeting both, the bus companies and passengers. This app will help both the parties keep track of the seat chart as well as concur on the seat details resulting in better co-ordinations between them.

bussewa operator app

This app will be tackling many of the current problems. Repetition of seat booking after booking from multiple counters will be eliminated. Passenger will also have the freedom to choose from any of the available seats rather than having to face to compulsion of selecting from the available quota. This app will eliminate the quota system and encourage a  first come first serve system.

The bus operators will be able to view the ticket details on the app removing the hassle of having to enquire about the ticket list from various ticket counters. Parshuram Khanal, BusSewa’s Chief Executive said, “Since, the ticket operator will be able to view and update ticket detail from the app, ticketing process will be plain sailing.

The transportation companies will be able to use the app by registering their contact number at the BusSewa.com. Once they have been registered, their employees will be able to use the app.

This application will certainly be a help to both, ones who are about to travel, meet the loved ones, make memories and the ones who will help them to reach their destination.

Download the app from Google Play store.

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