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Brighsun e-Buses, with Range of 1018 KM, Coming to Nepal in Two Months!

Everyone thought it was impossible until someone did it. And then, everybody started doing it because they knew it could be done.

A few years ago, we couldn’t even imagine buying an electric scooter to take us from point A to point B. Interestingly, things have changed so drastically, that the e-auto is now a household name. But that’s not all! Various automobile companies are trying to one-up each other, which means that we, as a consumer, gain the fruits that they sow!

Recently, Sundar Yatayat started to run electric buses inside Kathmandu valley. Seeing it on the streets of Kathmandu, I’d say that was a complete success.

So, there’s a new company in town, Himalayan Motors. Basically, it is a subsidiary of the Himalayan Organization trying to bring another well-known electric bus, Brighsun in Nepal.

Brighsun is an electric bus, produced by Brighsun Technology. It’s the same company that set the World Record for the longest distance traveled by an electric bus on a single charge. That’s right! Brighsun E-Bus traveled about 1018km on a single charge! It’s the exact model that is set to launch in Nepal.

Brighsun E-Bus: Details

Unfortunately, it’s not available for purchase in Nepal… yet. Although, Himalayan Motors is expected to launch the Brighsun e-Buses sometime in the next two months.

Judging by the conditions of the Nepali roads, Brighsun will give a range of 800+km at a single charge. Comparatively, it is still giving more range than the competition. As for the charging time, it takes about 6-8 hours to fully charge.

Likewise, Brighsun e-Buses use Li-Ion batteries over a more traditional lead battery. So, it is expected to be more durable and efficient.

How durable are these Lithium-Ion batteries?

Well, the company claims that it comes with a lifespan of 40 years! In order to back up that claim, Himalayan Motors will guarantee the lifespan of 20 years!

Currently, Brighsun will start the manufacturing process in India within the next two months. Interestingly, there are plans to start an assembly plant in Nepal by 2025! Honestly, what a time to be alive!!!

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