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#BlockadeWasCrimeMrModi Trends in Twitter

The hashtag, #BlockadeWasCrimeMrModi, is currently trending on Twitter and has been doing so since yesterday. Many people in Nepal have been using this hashtag to criticize and show their disapproval in the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Nepal visit.

The Details:

  • As a landlocked country, Nepal imports most of their petroleum products from India. After being struck by a devastating earthquake in 2015, Nepal was subjected to a blockade by India. Nepal was not only left to suffer the aftermath of a natural disaster it was also put through a major fuel crisis.
  • The fuel crisis caused major upheaval in the economic sector of Nepal. The crisis also affected the tourism sector, agriculture, industries, and businesses in Nepal. Many citizens of Nepal even had to suffer the shortage of medicines and earthquake relief material.
  • However, India kept denying their Economic Blockade and blamed it on the Madhesi protestors within Nepal.
  • Eventually, India and Nepal resolved the issue by the passage of a constitutional amendment by Nepal.
  • Nevertheless, it seems, the citizens of Nepal have not forgotten the adversity of the Blockade by India. Now that the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is in Nepal for a visit, the Nepali social media is in an uproar.
  • The people are continuously sharing their displeasure in the Indian PM’s visit through social media. Twitter has been buzzing with #BlockadeWasCrimeMrModi by Nepalis sharing pictures and tweets on the struggle they faced during the Blockade.

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