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One Billion Hours of Content Viewed on Netflix

According to Netflix’s year-end blog, a total of one billion hours of content was viewed per week on Netflix. Taking into consideration, on average about 140 million hours were spent daily. It does factor in growing 109 million subscribers, which is another great accomplishment for the streaming service.

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However, it is comparatively less than the metrics for 2016. Netflix revealed that about 74.7 million users watched about 42.5 billion hours of content that year. There has been a surge in competition between streaming services like Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime. The company has been striving to improve its streaming service.

In the pursuit to produce original content, the company has racked up billions in debt; $21.9 billion as of September 2017. But they will invest additional $8 billion on original content by 2018. The company plans to diversify through 190 countries including Nepal.

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