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5 best Nepali directories to promote your startup company

If you are done with building your startup company then probably it’s a good idea to do some initial promotions and get some visibility on the internet. A way to accomplish these goals is by listing your startup company to the best, popular and trustworthy Nepali directory sites.

Many people in Nepal these days are dependent on several local directories to find information about the companies. Presence of your startup on these directories will help you to get better visibility among the local public. Besides, it will also boost your startup site SEO on the web resulting good traffic and conversions from other sources too.


There are enormous benefits for a startup company being listed in such directories. The most prominent benefit is that it gives your startup a free publicity boost. It is like a one-time investment and getting unlimited returns. Once you submit your site to these directories and get in their list, your task is completed. Now, your startup company is all set to be get noticed by hundreds and thousands of people who dig these sites for getting information about the company they are searching for. And, if it’s your company information they are seeking then Voila!, you have a probable customer at your place and even a free visit to your site.

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There are many directories in Nepal you can find on Google. These directories allow you to get your startup company to get enlisted for free. However, many of them are inactive and if you move towards them, then it is most likely it won’t result you anything. So, it is better to have a list of sites that are promising and active.

To make things easy, here is what I have done for you. I have hand-picked 5 Nepali directories/listing sites where you can submit your startup. These directories are popular among the people who seek information about the startup companies along with established companies. Most of these directories will ask you the same information to submit for getting registered. I am pretty sure you won’t have any trouble nor any cork.

So, here I present you the 5 best Nepali directories where you can submit your startup company (in no particular order).



StartupsinNepal is a listing site that concerns compiling information about all the startups and products born in Nepal. Read more about StartupsinNepal on this post.


http://www.startupsnepal.com/index.php/ – StartupsNepal is the startup community that is focused on boosting the startup companies in Nepal by providing them the best resources that can be used to thrive their growth. They also blog and write stories about the Nepali startups. You can read them all at this link.


https://business.nlocate.com/ – Most you have might have heard of nLocate. If not, then let me introduce it to you. It is one among several popular Nepali apps that has been able to hold the attention of people with its comprehensive information of nearby places from your current location. They also have a web version of the app, you can try the app right here.

sodhpuch logo

http://www.sodhpuch.com/ SodhPuch is the most popular business inquiry service in Nepal. The name, SodhPuch lives up to its name. You want some information about any business company then you can get it all here.

nepal yp logo

http://www.nepalyp.com/companies/startup  – Similar to Sodhpuch, NepalYP is also a business directory where you can register your startup company. However, it’s much well-managed and sophisticated. You can list your startup company here in two obvious ways – first by paying money, next the opposite, not paying the money – for free. Find more details on this subject here.

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Okay, these were the 5 best Nepali directories that I would recommend to any Nepali startup company to get registered. Notwithstanding, I have 3 more sites on my list you can try at your own will. These sites really good. Getting your site mentioned on these sites is of no harm.

Here are the links to the sites,

http://appsjhola.com/ – If your startup company has a mobile app then you can submit your mobile app on AppsJhola. It’s an app marketplace that aims to grow the Nepalese Android ecosystem.



I hope this information helps you to grow your startup and get better visibility on the web. If you have anything to say about the article or want to add some more Nepali directories in this list then make sure to make some noise via comments.

Spread the information, share this post! Let your friends know about this useful information, let them also be in the better side.


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