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Best 5 Cricket Apps to Keep Updated on World Cup 2019! [TL Pick]

The cricket world cup is raging on. Sometimes it gets so hot that nature pours rain to calm the people in the stadium. Jokes aside, this year’s world cup hasn’t been that exciting despite taking place in the home of cricket (England and Wales).

However, the die-hard fans among you may be all pumped up about the world cup and you may be searching for a good app to help you keep tabs on all the scores and happenings live. So, we have rounded up 5 best apps that help you do so.

Best Cricket Apps

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

This is the official app for the 2019 Cricket World Cup. And, in my opinion, this is the best looking of all the apps on this list. If your interest lay only on the world cup, this is the perfect app for you. You’ve got all the features that you would possibly need: live scores, commentary, and tweets. You can find features like Nissan Catch of the day, featured videos like match previews, and challenges and surveys regarding the world cup in this app.You can see stats like the team standings, total matches played in the world cup, total runs made, player with the most runs, etc. There are many other rankings like batting rankings, bowling rankings, etc. All things said, if you are crazy about this world cup and don’t want to be bothered by anything else (not even ads), download this app. This is by far the best app for everything regarding the world cup.

Download: Android | iOS

OneCricket – World Cup Live Score

If you are a fan of minimalism, you’ll like this app. Many apps bury features under obscure menus and headings. Not OneCricket. It has a dark moss-green background with all the major information clearly visible on the home screen. You don’t have to press any buttons to see the nearest match, the upcoming matches, and the results of the previous duels in the world cup. When you scroll, you can see the team standing.

If you want to read some news regarding the world cup, go to the news section. If you want to see detailed fixtures, go to the fixtures section. And that’s about it. It’s a simple app to keep up with the score and team standings. If that’s all you want, you should check this app out.

Download: Android


If you follow cricket matches, this app may already be on your phones. It has been voted the Editor’s choice in the Play Store. The layout is fine. It takes a little time to figure out where things are. For example, if you want to see the fixtures for the ICC 2019 world cup, you have to go inside more> browse series>ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Only then you’ll get all the details about the world cup matches. However, once you get accustomed to the layout, you’ll start appreciating how feature-packed and smooth this app is. The animations are subtle and quick and very satisfying. There may not be other apps that come close to being this feature packed yet this easy on the eyes.

Download: Android | iOS

NDTV Cricket

NDTV Cricket is an up and coming cricket app. And you can really see that. The app doesn’t feel as polished as others on this list. The color scheme is bland and doesn’t inspire users to use the app. However, I didn’t find any weird pop-up ads and the app does what it was made to do – deliver cricket news and live scores to users.There is some visual clutter but if you can stomach that, this app may be the one you’d like to use. I don’t like the animations that they use but its just personal preference. The texts are easy to read and the app doesn’t feel as cramped like some other apps.

Download: Android

ESPN Cricinfo

Cricinfo is one of the most popular cricket apps in the play store. It has been around a long time and works quite well in delivering live scores and commentary to users. But I don’t like the UI very much. It feels cluttered and the fonts are too small and too thin – they get lost in the mess of the app.

Like Cricbuzz, you’ll need some time to get familiar with the layout of the app but after you do, you will come to appreciate the feature-packed-ness of this app. Try it out, you may like it.

Download: Android | iOS

This was the list of the best cricket apps that I could find on the play store. Most of them are for the world cup especially as that’s what is going on right now. If you have used any other app that you think is better, you should drop the name in the comments below to help the cricket fans in our TechLekh community.

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