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The Best Apps For Following Global Football

Football was introduced to Nepal n 1921, with our major football division first kicking off in 1955.

In global football, we’re not a major powerhouse; our national team is ranked 176th by FIFA, down from the record placing of 121 achieved almost three decades ago. Our players are not known outside the country, but that hasn’t dampened the thirst for football. Instead, our domestic league thrives, and there’s a hunger here for the bigger names famous worldwide. Football is the most popular sport in Nepal, meaning supporters nestling in our towns and villages wanting updates from across the globe.

It might not always be easy to keep up with what’s happening in world football; it certainly wasn’t before the internet. However, with mobile phone apps becoming more in-depth and widespread, staying in touch is incredibly easy. In fact, depending on which leagues you wish to follow, you can find out the latest scores, news and views as quickly as anyone else.

So, what are the best apps for following global football here in Nepal? We’ve got a handful of suggestions for any discerning football supporter.


Onefootball is an extensive real-time results app that features over 200 leagues from around the world. Some apps will bring you the latest updates from the Premier League, but what if you’re keen to follow Rotherham United’s battle to avoid relegation and beat the latest Ladbrokes Championship odds, where they’re tipped for the drop? That’s no problem. You can even track the progress of Football League newcomers Stockport County or follow scores closer to home, such as in India.

As Sports Pro Media explain, it also has a firm commitment to the women’s game, working with several key ambassadors to raise its profile. It’s an all-in-one results application with news features to keep you in touch with the beautiful game,


BeSoccer is a results app that keeps you in touch with everything that is happening around the world. It presents the ‘stand out’ matches each day, so a fan with no leanings towards a certain division can just see which major games are taking place.

If you feel like tracking Santos as they look to return to the summit of Brazilian football whilst also keeping an eye on Villareal’s friendly match at the same time, BeSoccer is the app for you. It will also keep you informed about what is happening later that day and not just games; it has a news feed also.


FotMob is another great app for staying in touch with what’s happening in football, wherever you are. It isn’t just a scores and stats app; it delivers news content around the major leagues. If you’re a Liverpool fan, you won’t just find out who they’ve beaten that week (they always win, right?), but you can also get the latest transfer news and injury updates.

Its stats section is highly-rated; football authority Give Me Sport uses them in their analysis pieces. It’s also useful for Nepalese football fans who do fantasy football, as the news and stats are updated quickly, keeping you abreast of the information even whilst the rest of the country is sleeping.

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