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DWIT Music Club presents “AWAAZ 1.0” – an online music contest made by artists FOR artists

Music artists, here you go with a special music contest – Awaaz, a brand new way of competing made by artists for artists.

The competition is designed with a bit of tech perspective as you are out to upload your recordings/songs online. It’s a music contest that is in search of a music artist…a newcomer or a veteran…raw or polished – the “gem” that needs to be discovered. It is the first chapter of this contest, so it is named as AWAAZ 1.0.


If you are the adherent music lover who wants to showcase your passion of music, then this competition awaits you! If I am not wrong, this competition is first of its kind in Nepal, where you are provided with an online medium to unleash your true music potential in front of a huge audience. And, along with that an opportunity to win gift hampers of worth Rs. 8000.

This competition is organized by DWIT Music Club, a student-run club from Deerwalk Institute of Technology that aims to encourage and promote music, as well as music artists.

How to take part in Awaaz

To be part of this contest you need to register yourself on this link. After that, just record your song and make sure it’s your best. Then, send the song to the organizers. Once, the organizers get your song they will upload it on Lishn.com – an online music streaming platform where users get to listen music uploaded by Nepali musicians. After your song is uploaded, organizers will get you back and provide you the link to your song that is served on Lishn. Now, this is the crucial thing, you should share your song as much as you can as the recording/song with the most views/listens on Lishn.com will win the competition.

There are some instructions and details provided by the organizers that can make things more clear. The instructions are simple and easy, you won’t find any difficulty while following them. Make sure, you read the instructions, which is on this link.

Lishn.com is associated with DWIT Music Club to make this contest possible. And, yeah! TechLekh is also part of it, we are the media partners.

Here is a short video about Awaaz from DWIT Music Club, have a watch:

anmol shrestha
Anmol Shreshta, President of DWIT Music Club

To know more about Awaaz, I took a short interview of Anmol Shreshta, President of DWIT Music Club. Here is what he had to say:

Q. How can Nepali music artists exploit and take the benefit from Awaaz?

A. In today’s world, it’s all about online exposure and Awaaz gives music artists that particular platform to show their talent. Also, people will get to discover unknown and new artists. Ultimately, it helps local artists to grow and get known.

Q. What are your expectations from Awaaz?

A. Through Awaaz, we want talented local artists to get the exposure, so that, they can grow further and be successful through music. I guess this competition is first of its kind, and we want to raise it so huge that it becomes one of the most awaited musical event in Nepal. Well, that’s our dream.

Q. Why did you choose an online platform for this competition? Any specific reason?

A. Online platform helps us to reach out to more people and it’s an affordable way for us to organize an event of this kind. Also, we wanted to promote Nepali startups such as Lishn.com which is trying to help Nepali music artists. So, we thought online platform would be really good to get the attention we wanted.


The contest is OPEN till 19th April, 2016 and anyone can apply. So, if you interested to be part of this contest, don’t waste your time and take a minute to register yourself at this link.

If you have any questions regarding this contest then you can contact the organizers through their Facebook page or just mail them at musicclub@deerwalk.edu.np.

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