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Ather 450X Review: A Deep Dive into the Futuristic Sensation!


  • Visually Appealing Futuristic and Modern Design
  • Thrilling and Engaging Performance
  • Pro Pack Exclusive Features are Included as Standard
  • Confidence Inspiring Braking with Practical Regen Brakes
  • 5-Year Comprehensive Battery Warranty!


  • High Asking Price
  • Stiffer Suspension for Off-Road Performance (although Ground Clearance is High)

This is a detailed review of the new Ather 450X.

Vaidya Energy, the authorized distributor of Ather electric scooters in Nepal, announced the entry of the Ather 450X at the end of 2023.

Within the month of its initial announcement, it launched the highly anticipated to the Nepali masses.

It was an instant hit.

With a starting price ranging from Rs. 3.85 Lakhs to Rs. 4.20 Lakhs, the Ather 450X is available in Low Range and High Range.

The two variants offer the same motor, the same features, and the same colors. However, the key difference is the in-built battery. The Low Range is equipped with 2.9kWh Battery, whereas, the High Rage is equipped with 3.7kWh Battery.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the Ather 450X.

We’ll explore the Ather 450X offering, and see how it performs in the real world in both practicality, powertrain, and more.

Let’s find out just what is so special about the new Ather 450X. And, does it justify the hype considering its high asking price?

Ather 450X Overview


Ather 450X sports the expected futuristic/minimalistic styling in an EV scooter.

It gets a Dual-tone finish, available across different color options.

It is meaner with its sharp angled looks! The protruding front fender and the headlamps seem to point towards the tyre, creating an aerodynamic profile.

All of the functional lights are LEDs.

Front Styling in Ather 450X
Front Styling

It gets an LED Headlamp, along with cleverly handlebar-integrated LED DRLs and LED indicators.

The front section has a uniquely recognizable design.

It comes with a simple front luggage hook. There is no USB charging port.

Compared to the front, the rear styling is a bit more simple. It sports a single-strip LED tail light with integrated indicators.

Interestingly enough, the Ather Nepal also offers additional accessories to enhance the look and practicality of the scooter.

Riders can opt for Front Trunk, Side Step, Side Body Guard, and Tyre Pressure Monitoring. However, these will require riders to incur extra costs for installations.

Rear Styling in Ather 450X
Rear Styling

Additionally, Ather 450X comes in Space Grey, Still White, Salt Green, True Red, Cosmic Black, and Lunar Grey colors.


Ather 450X is powered by a 6.4kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. It generates a max power of 6.4kW and a max torque of 26Nm with a 90kmph top speed.

450X does 0-40Kmph in just 3.3 seconds!

Belt Drive in Ather 450X
Belt Drive in Ather 450X

It is built on a lightweight, heavy-duty hybrid aluminum chassis with a low center of gravity. In contrast to modern electric scooters, 450X features a frame-mounted motor.

It means that the motor is mounted on the chassis.

It communicates with the rear tyre via the Belt Drive mechanism. Due to this, the rear tyre profile is cleaner while providing optimal efficiency in range and performance.

Plus, any vibrations generated from the motor are directly absorbed by the frame, delivering effortless ride quality.

Additional Details

The dimensions are 1891mm in length, 739mm in width, and 1114mm in height. Moreover, the wheelbase sits at 1296mm.

Ather 450X ground clearance in 170mm. And, the kerb weight is 108 kg to 111.6 kg.

It features a gradability of 20 degrees at peak power. Moreover, the water wading limit is 300mm.

Loaded Features

Ather 450X has a plethora of features. Interestingly, a few of the features present in Ather are not found in other electric scooters.

Here is the detailed experience of the overall features.

Braking Performance

Ather 450X gets Dual Disc Braking.

The front disc measures 200mm and has Triple-Piston ByBre Calipers, while the rear disc measures 190mm and has Single-Piston ByBre Calipers.

You don’t use brakes as often as one might think.

Front Disc in Ather 450X
Front Disc

450X features Coasting Regenerative Braking, which when enabled, redirects the braking energy back into the battery.

Interestingly, the regen does not feel as intrusive. It has a good balance between performance and regen ability.

You cannot set the regen level. However, you can turn it off if you want.


Ather 450X gets 12-inch tyres, 90/90-section at the front and 100/80-section at the rear.

Rear Disc in Ather 450X
Rear Disc

These tyres are wide enough to provide a satisfying performance. The on-road grip is very impressive, even during wet conditions. And, it manages to hold its stability at higher speeds.

For a sporty EV, that is very impressive.


Telescopic forks and Progressive Monoshock handle suspension duties.

Side Styling in Ather 450X
Side Styling

It has a relatively stiffer feel. The tuning is perfect for on-road performance, especially cornering. However, the off-road performance leaves much to be desired.

The segment-leading ground clearance makes the scooter more capable of handling rough roads. The rider has to sacrifice comfort when doing so.

Seat Comfort and Pillion

Ather 450X has a two-level seat.

The seating arrangement is rider-friendly. Plus, it provides enough space for both pillion and rider.

Charging Slot in Ather 450X
Charging Slot

It has softer seat cushioning which promotes comfort during commutes. Nevertheless, I would recommend taking a few breaks in between.

There is a 22-liter boot space.

Ather has included a futuristic LED strip for illumination. Interestingly, there is no USB charging.

While it cannot fit a full-sized helmet, it should provide enough storage room if you leave the charger at home.

Touch Display

Ather 450X sports a large 7-inch TFT Touch Display.

This is a literal smartphone! Powered by the Snapdragon 212 Chip, it holds 2GB RAM and 16GB Storage.

7-inch TFT Touch Display in Ather 450X
7-inch TFT Touch Display in Ather 450X

The display has impressive usability and fluidity.

Riders can directly communicate with the meter via the touch display. Moreover, it also includes a 5-way Adjustable Joystick to toggle quick settings.

The Google Map integration is the most interesting highlight of this display. Thanks to the inbuilt 4G Connectivity, the riders can easily navigate their way by using Google Maps.

Plus, every little scooter’s settings and controls are easily accessible here. All in all, it is super accurate and super helpful.

Pro Packs

So, what makes Ather 450X so special?

Pro Packs.

It includes exclusive features like Riding Modes, Auto Hold, True Range Display, Interactive UI, Coasting Regen, Ather Connectivity Features, and OTA updates.

Moreover, the connectivity features allow for additional features like Document Storage, Find My Scooter, Charge Status, Ride analysis, and more.

It also boasts safety features like Auto-Indicator Turn Off, Park Assist, Emergency Stop Signal, Guide Me Home Lights, and Fall Safe.

These Pro Packs are worth Rs. 57,000 for the Low Range and Rs. 49,500 for the High Range. And, these come as standard across both 450X variants.

There is a possibility of excluding Pro Packs to bring down costs. If one does do that, then it excludes every feature that makes Ather 450X special.

If you are buying the Ather, buy it with the Pro Pack.

Ather 450X Features Highlight

  • 3.3kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • 2.9kWh and 3.7kWh Lithium Battery Options
  • IP67 Rated Battery and Motor
  • 7-inch TFT Touchscreen Display (IP65-Rated)
  • Google Maps Platform
  • 4G Connectivity
  • AtherSTACK 5 OTA Upgrades
  • Park Assist
  • Auto Hold
  • 22-liter Under-Seat Storage
  • Side Stand Sensors
  • Auto Indicator Cut-Off
  • Document Storage
  • Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)
  • Fall Safe
  • Dual Disc Braking

My Experience with Ather 450X


Ather 450X comes in two Li-Ion battery variants: 2.9kWh and 3.7kWh.

While the motor and performance in both variants are the same, the difference in battery capacity gives it a different charge time and range.

The 2.9kWh Lithium-Ion battery is equipped with 350Watt Charger. It can charge 0% to 80% in 6 hours 36 minutes, and charges fully in 8 hours 36 minutes.

Low Range has a certified range of 111Km (90Km True Range).

Charging Slot in Ather 450X
Charging Slot

Similarly, the 3.7kWh Lithium-Ion battery is equipped with 700Watt Charger. It can charge 0% to 80% in 4 hours 30 minutes and charges fully in 5 hours 45 minutes.

High Range has a certified range of 150Km (100Km True Range).

Low Range variant buyers can opt for a 700Watt Charger to reduce their charge time for additional costs.

Ather Nepal is also establishing ten Ather Grid Fast Charging Networks inside the valley where the Ather owners can fast charge their 450X from 0% to 80% in an hour.

Ather owners will have free access to Ather Grid for two years from purchase. After that, they will be charged on a per-unit basis for charging.

We did a comprehensive charge time test for both battery variants.

The Low Range takes about 2.5 Units to fully charge, whereas the High Range takes about 3.5 units.

Ather 450X Units Consumed Estimated Cost
Low Range 2.5 Units Rs. 25 (2.5 x Rs. 10 per Unit*)
Low Range 3.5 Units Rs. 35 (3.5 x Rs. 10 per Unit*)

*average electricity unit cost.

It’s worth noting that Ather’s claim about the charging time is accurate.

The battery with a Low Range and a 350Watt Charger charges at a rate of 10% per hour. On the other hand, the battery with a High Range and a 700Watt Charger charges at a rate of 20% per hour.

Riding Modes

Ather 450X comes with four riding modes: Eco, Ride, Sport, and Warp.

It limits the power and torque based on the respective ride modes, where the performance is very closed off in Eco and fully opened in Warp.

Here is a quick summary of the respective riding modes.

Eco: It limits the power and torque for heavy traffic conditions. The pickup isn’t as instantaneous, but rather builds slowly and steadily. The top speed is 50kmph.

Ride: It is a level up from the Eco mode, perfect for fast-moving commutes. The pickup feel is a bit more instantaneous and in line with modern electric scooters. The top speed is 63kmph.

Sport: It opens up the scooter to its full capability. Both the acceleration and punchy performance live up to its mode name. The top speed is 90kmph.

Warp: This is the signature Ather riding mode. It delivers mind-boggling performance over longer distances, boasting 0-40 km/h in just 3.3 seconds!

Eco and Ride Modes can take on steep hills up to 20 degrees of gradibility. Nevertheless, if the situation demands, both Sport and Warp modes work like a charm in almost all cases.

Riders can enable the fifth ride mode: Smart Eco Mode.

Smart Eco Mode: It combines Eco and Ride mode, bringing in a bit more flexibility to the overall riding experience. Plus, it offers extended range.

I’d recommend turning on the Smart Eco Mode as it removes the need to continuously change modes while riding. Moreover, it adapts to the rider’s riding style, offering punchy performance and extended range.

You can visualize the difference between the ride modes via their tested top speed in the following table.

Ride Modes Top Speed
Eco 50 km/h
Ride 63 km/h
Smart Eco 63 km/h
Sport 90 km/h
Warp 90 km/h


Based on the riding modes, the range also varies.

Smart Eco Mode provides the most economical range. Whereas, the Warp Mode provides the least economical range. These can go up and down depending on the riding conditions like double load, rough terrains, uphill, etc.

Ather 450X has two claimed ranges: Certified Range and True Range.

Certified Range: The certified range takes the most ideal conditions around. It is the maximum range the scooter can achieve in a controlled environment.

However, the controlled environment is less likely mimicked in the real world.

True Range: The true range is very different. The range is based on the real-world conditions, factoring in real-life scenarios.

It is the realistic range of the Ather 450X. So, we thoroughly tested the true range.

We began our test of the Ather 450X by charging it up to 100%. And, we rode the scooter in Smart Eco mode up until the percentage came down to 50%.

By churning through a 50% charge, we had already traveled a distance of 51.6km.

Upon factoring the remaining 50%, the scooter can travel up to 103 km. This aligns with the High Range variant’s claimed range of 110 km.

The same is true for the Low Range variant, giving out a 90 km true range in Smart Eco mode.

Depending on the mode, the range also varies.

The following table lists the true range for both High Range and Low Range.

Ride Modes Low Range High Range
Smart Eco 90 km 110 km
Eco 85 km 105 km
Ride 75 km 90 km
Sport 70 km 85 km
Warp 60 km 75 km

Low Range vs High Range: Which is Better?

There is about a 20km difference between the Low Range variant and the High Range variant. Factoring in the asking price, you are paying Rs. 1725 per km more for the High Range.

Is it worth it? Yes.

The extra 20km might seem insignificant at first. But, it does give an extra layer of safeguard against range anxiety.

We tested both variants for the review.

We felt better and more confident riding longer distances in the High Range over the Low Range. Ironically, the range anxiety persisted in the Low Range even on short rides.

My advice would be to go for the Ather 450X High Range for long-term future-proofing. Whereas, 450X Low Range is suitable for those looking for the Ather experience on a tight budget.

Just choose the variant you like.


There is a lot to like about the new Ather 450X.

It is a comprehensive package, offering leading features with super fun performance. However, it comes at a hefty price that not everyone is willing to pay.

Regardless of the variants, Ather Nepal offers the most extensive warranty available in Nepal for an electric scooter battery – 5 years or 60000 km, scooter – 3 years or 30000 km, and Ather Portable charger – 3 years!

Despite the high asking price, it has a lot going for it.

Ather Nepal is here for the long game. By the looks of it, it is here to stay.

This has been the Ather 450X Review.

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