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Apple Watch Ultra Launched in Nepal


  • The Apple Watch Ultra price in Nepal is Rs. 1,48,000.
  • The Apple Watch Ultra introduces a customizable action button, Wayfinder watch face, dual speakers, dual-frequency GPS, compass waypoints, backtrack feature, and more.
  • The Apple Watch Ultra includes temperature sensors for retrospective ovulation estimates in women and the ability to detect severe car crashes.

The Apple Event 2022, held on September 7, announced Apple Watch Ultra, the first ultra Apple Watch, which now sits at the top of its smartwatch lineup.

Apple Watch Ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is a rugged smartwatch that’s designed for explorers and athletes. It’s the biggest smartwatch Apple has ever revealed.

The technology company also released two other Apple Watch refreshes: Apple Watch Series 8 and the new Apple Watch SE. We will be taking a look at Apple Watch Ultra, the most expensive of the three, in this article.

Apple Watch Ultra Specifications

  • Body: 49 mm × 44 mm × 14.4 mm, 61.3 g, WR100 water-resistant (100m), EN 13319 swimproof/diving (40m), IP6X dust-resistant, MIL-STD 810H, eSIM
  • Build: Sapphire crystal front, ceramic/sapphire crystal back, titanium frame
  • Display: 1.92 inches Retina LTPO OLED, 502 x 410 pixels, 2000 nits (peak)
  • Processor: Apple S8 (Dual-Core), PowerVR GPU
  • Memory: 32GB
  • Wrist Strap: Detachable strap
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4+5GHz, NFC, LTE
  • OS: watchOS 9.0
  • Battery Capacity: unspecified mAh, up to 36 hours (advertised)
  • Charging Type: Wireless charging
  • Sensors: Temperature (body), temperature (water), accelerometer, barometer, gyro, geomagnetic, light, heart rate, compass, SpO2, VO2max, always-on altimeter
  • GNSS: Dual-band GPS (L1 + L5), Glonass, Galileo, BDS
  • Speaker: Dual speakers

Apple Watch Ultra Price in Nepal: Rs. 1,48,000

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Apple Watch Ultra Overview

Design and Display

The Apple Watch Ultra has a new design and is much bigger than any other Apple Watch released so far. It has a 49mm titanium case and the biggest and brightest display in an Apple Watch.

The display can reach up to 2000nits of peak brightness, which is two times brighter than previous Apple Watch displays. The Retina display, which is topped with sapphire crystal, is flat unlike the slightly curved one on the Series 8.

Apple Watch Ultra design
Apple Watch Ultra design

The frame slightly rises up to surround the edges of the front to protect the display from edge impacts. But it does not stick out as much as on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

There is also a new customisable action button on the left side of the watch that is in bright international orange. It can be customised to trigger a variety of features. And pressing and holding the action button will activate an 86-decibel siren designed for emergencies.

Next to the action button is new dual speakers. Apple added a second speaker to improve audio volumes for calls and Siri. In addition, the watch also has a three-microphone array on the other side of the watch combined with wind-noise-reduction algorithms for the best voice clarity on calls even in windy environments.

The side button is raised slightly from the case, while the digital crown has a larger diameter and rougher grooves — making it easier to use the watch while wearing gloves.

The watch is certified to MIL-STD-810H, the latest version of US Military Standard. In addition to IP6X dust-resistant, it is also rated for WR100, which is a water resistance rating of 100 metres.

You can scuba dive with the Apple Watch Ultra, but the company says you should not use it for diving below 40 metres. It is certified to EN 13319 standard, which is a standard for dive accessories.

There are also three new special sports bands for specific athletes. They are Trail Loop for endurance athletes, Apline Loop for explorers, and Ocean Band for water sports and recreational diving.

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Health and Features

Apple Watch Ultra has all the health and activity features you expect from a smartwatch. It has workout modes and can monitor heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen. The popular ECG feature is still not available in Nepal though.

It has a new Wayfinfer watch face that is designed specifically for the larger display of Apple Watch Ultra. It includes a compass built into the dial and has a space for up to eight complications.

And now, the Watch Ultra can also monitor wrist temperature, which Apple says is a good indicator of overall body temperature. It has two temperature sensors: one on the back crystal, near the skin, and another just under the display.

Utilising the new sensors, the Watch Ultra can provide retrospective ovulation estimates and period predictions for women who menstruate. Apple says, with iOS 16 and watchOS 9, Cycle Tracking users can now receive a notification if their logged cycle history shows a possible deviation.

The car crash detection feature featured in the new iPhone 14 lineup, is also in the new Apple Watch lineup. The Watch can detect a severe car crash using new accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, in addition to barometer, microphone, and GPS, and a sensor-fusion algorithm.

After detecting a severe car crash, the watch will alert the user’s emergency contacts with the device’s location if the user is unresponsive for more than 10 seconds.

Athletes Features

The new watchOS 9 also enables the watch to include new running metrics to measure performance, like stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, and running power.

There is also a new multisport workout that auto-detects switching between workouts that include swimming, biking, or running.

For explorers, there is a new compass waypoints and backtrack features. The compass waypoints feature allows you to mark a location by pressing the action button or tapping the compass waypoint icon.

The backtrack feature is helpful when you get lost or disoriented. It shows the path the user has been on, helping them retrace their steps.

The Apple Watch Ultra can survive extreme temperatures ranging from -20° C to 55° C.

Scuba dive with Apple Watch Ultra
Scuba dive with Apple Watch Ultra

For water sports, the smartwatch has a depth app that uses the new depth gauge to display time, current depth, water temperature, duration under water, and max depth reached.

Connectivity and Battery

It has the latest Bluetooth 5.3 and dual-band Wi-Fi 4 support. The watch supports NFC and LTE using an eSIM.

Apple Watch also incorporates the latest L5 frequency for GPS along with the L1, making it the first Apple Watch to feature dual-frequency GPS. For users, this means that the GPS tracking in the new Apple Watch Ultra will be more accurate than ever.

Apple says that Apple Watch Ultra has enough battery life to complete a long-course triathlon, consisting of a 3.8-km swim, 180.25-km bike ride, and full marathon at 42.2 km.

We don’t know the exact battery capacity of the Apple Watch Ultra, but what we know is that it has the biggest battery of any Apple Watch yet. Apple claims that a single charge will give up to 36 hours of battery life.

The company said that a new battery optimisation setting is coming to the Apple Watch Ultra later this year that can extend the battery life by up to 60 hours.

Apple Watch Ultra Price in Nepal and Availability

The Apple Watch Ultra price in Nepal is Rs. 1,48,000. The watch can be purchased from stores like EvoStore and Oliz Store.

Apple Watch Price in Nepal
Apple Watch Ultra Rs. 148000

The Apple Watch Ultra is the biggest Apple Watch with the brightest display and biggest battery life of any Apple Watch yet. Made of a 49mm titanium case, it is designed for serious adventurers.

It now has a new customisable action button, new Wayfinder watch face, dual speakers, dual-frequency GPS support, compass waypoints and backtrack feature, and more. It can withstand diving to a depth of 40 metres and being exposed to extremes of cold (-20° C) and heat (55° C).

It has temperature sensors that can provide retrospective ovulation estimates for women. Also, the watch can now detect severe car crashes.

What do you think about the all-new Apple Watch Ultra? Let us know in the comments!

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