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Apple iPhone XI: 3D Sensing, Underwater Mode and Everything You Need to Know

Apple’s next iPhone launch is about 6 months away. So, there’s plenty of time for rumors and leaks to come our way. Or is there?

The tech community demands to know more about the new iPhones that come out next year a week before an iPhone launch. That’s mostly because they already know nearly everything about the iPhones that are going to launch this year.

So, iPhone leaks and rumors circulate year round. And, we thought, as you guys were obviously going to read about this somewhere, we should take a look at all the rumors around and try to serve you in one package. And here we are.

Sizes and numbers

So, it looks like there will be 3 iPhones this year too. We don’t know if they will name them iPhone 11 or iPhone XI but here I will write 11. Like last year, the 3 phones will be iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R.

Notch, faceid, fingerprint sensor

It doesn’t look like Apple is getting rid of the notch. This means FaceID will still exist and knowing apple, there won’t be any extra biometric authentication feature. So, in short, no under-screen fingerprint sensor (probably).

OLED for all?

Also, your hopes of getting an OLED screen on the 11R will probably be shattered again.


No talks about the performance power on these devices have yet been talked about. Has Apple found a 6nm manufacturing technique? We don’t know yet. What we know a little about are the cameras.

Ooh… The cameras

It is said the one of the 3 iPhones will come with a triple camera setup. My guess is the iPhone 11 MAX. According to some analyst, the cameras on the iPhone would offer advanced 3D sensing and use stereoscopic vision to dramatically improve the iPhone’s augmented-reality capabilities. Apple has been demoing AR in its iPhone and iPad releases for quite a while now. It looks like Apple wants to be a major player in that field.

What’s more interesting than the tech inside the iPhone cameras is the design of the cameras itself. How will Apple place the 3 lenses? Two different renderings have been floating around in the net and, though no one has pointed it out, they look horrible. One looks like an alien from another planet (the one with the horizontal layout). Another looks like the cameras on the iPhone X reproduced like an yeast. It also looks like an ugly cousin of Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s ugly cousin. Apple’s obsessive about its designs; I can’t imagine that they will be putting this out in the public.

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Now, there are some other bits that you guys would love to hear about. There won’t be 5G support on the new iPhones. Make what you want of it. Considering 5G tech is still nascent even in developed countries like China and USA, it’s no surprise Apple didn’t choose to jump this 5G train.

Battery and Power

Next, it looks like Apple will put bigger batteries into its phones. I read somewhere that the 5.8 inch iPhone 11 will get a 4000mAh battery. While that seems a stretch, even  3400mAh would be enough to help the people who prefer smaller iPhones. People say that Apple will bring a feature like reverse wireless charging. But it’s Apple; they don’t do gimmicky stuff. So, I don’t believe this news.

My favorite feature

However, the most interesting news that I heard about these new iPhones are that they will feature a display tech that you can use underwater. Remember the horror when you try to use your phone with wet hands. Apple wants to fix that and I am all up for it.

This article is getting too long

Those are nearly all the rumors that I thought were worthy of your knowledge. Apple rumors keep raining down on us by the day. We will update this post if something interesting comes along the way. Until then, goodbye.

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