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Analogue Inc. Becomes Official Huawei Cloud Consulting & Reselling Partner in Nepal

Analogue Inc. has become an official consulting and reselling partner of Huawei Cloud service in Nepal.

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MoU Singning Ceremony between Analogue Inc and Huawei Nepal

Now, the clients will get customised services of Huawei Cloud through Uncle Webs, a web platform under Analogue Inc through their dedicated website Uncle Webs. The company will collaborate with various IT companies to provide the services to their clients. 

The company had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Huawei Nepal for the collaboration on September 7. The clients will get customised services of Huawei cloud services. Cloud computing, database, security, management tools, enterprise intelligence, DevCloud, Dedicated Cloud are few services among others. 

Ashutosh Agarwal, co-founder and CEO, Analogue Inc
Ashutosh Agarwal, co-founder and CEO, Analogue Inc

“We are looking to create an ecosystem of cloud services in Nepal which provides relief to the end-users in terms of cost and security,” says Ashutosh Agarwal, chief executive officer at Analogue Inc.

He shares that the newborn Cloud Service has already taken a majority of Asia Pacific and this gives me immense pleasure to begin their service in Nepal. 

Huawei Cloud in Nepal

Huawei Cloud is not a big player in the world of cloud computing, however, it is a fast-growing player.

According to the report Market Share: IT Services, Worldwide 2020, HUAWEI’s IaaS market share ranked No.2 in China and among the Top 5 in the global market in 2020. Apart from China, Huawei Cloud had launched cloud data centers in South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Brazil.

Currently, several large companies and banks including Himalayan Airlines and Nabil Bank are taking services from Huawei Cloud in Nepal. 

“The pricing strategy, security and server speed of Huawei Cloud is really reliable and cost-effective and it is emerging as best cloud service globally,” says Agarwal.  

“We will work with the IT companies on a profit-sharing basis,” says Agarwal. Analogue Inc via Uncle Webs has targets to reach around 150-200 IT companies within a year. 

“Currently, Analogue Inc is organising technical and business development training with Huawei Cloud for few days. We will go mainstream right immediately after that,” says Agarwal. The website Uncle Webs is in the progress. The company is planning to start their service from the first week of October.

Analogue Inc. through Uncle Webs plans to penetrate the local market in the first phase. “As we also have registered entity in US and UK, we will expand the reselling service in the later stage,” says Agarwal. 

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