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Alcatel, a French Brand of Mobile Handsets, is Officially Coming to Nepal

If you’ve noticed, Alcatel is a brand that crops up in international reviews sometimes. They make phones that compete with phones like Moto G and Moto E in the international market. That means Alcatel makes phones that have amazing specs (and design) for their price. They are a value for money brand. Let’s looks at its brief history.Alcatel is a French brand of mobile handsets owned by Nokia and used under license by Chinese electronics company TCL Corporation (you may know them as a TV manufacturer or the company that still makes Blackberry smartphones).

The Alcatel brand was licensed in 2005 by former French electronics and telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent to TCL for mobile phones and devices, and the current license expires at the end of 2024. Nokia acquired the assets of Alcatel-Lucent in 2016 and thus also inherited the licensing agreements for the Alcatel brand. So, yeah, this company has a rich history (or an interesting one at least).

Sadly, Alcatel isn’t present in Nepal. But things are about to change. SHTC international Pvt. Ltd. is officially bringing Alcatel Smartphones to Nepal. SHTC International also deals with products from Prolink, Fujitsu, and Gigaset Siemens in Nepal.

Our CEO sat down with the executives from SHTC International and they said that they will be bringing Alcatel smartphones to Nepal pretty soon (possibly within this month). Which smartphones, in particular, will be coming wasn’t disclosed. But I think four phones: Alcatel 3, Alcatel 3L, Alcatel 1s, and Alcatel 1x will make their way into Nepal first.

Why these four smartphones? Well, they all are stylish, all were launched in 2019, and all are budget to lower-midrange handsets. So, my bet is on those four smartphones.

That’s the information that we have until now. We will be reporting back once we get some more information in the coming days. Until then, stick with TechLekh for all your tech news.

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