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Ads Market Comes Up With a Chat Bot For Your Business Needs: ads!bot

Are you tired of replying the same thing over and over again on your Facebook page? Are you fed up of typing the price of your product 100s of times a day? Will you smash your laptop if you see another “Please tell me about your product” on your page? If the answer to any one of these questions is yes then Ads Market ads!bot may be the solution for you.

Ads!bot is a product of Ads Market Pvt. Ltd. Nepal. ads!bot is a chatbot that integrates to your Facebook page and intelligently replies to the queries of your customers without the need for your intervention. This is especially helpful if you get tons of messages in a single instant.ads market adsbot There is a demo that you can use to get an idea of how this bot might work. We tried it and… Well, it’s no Google assistant, so expecting it to have the same level of conversational skills is just not right. When I wrote hello, the bot kindly said hello and gave me a link to the company’s website so that I could browse around. After tinkering around for a little bit, I could see that the bot responded to certain or words or phrase like ‘hello’, ‘price’, and ‘services’.

The bot didn’t respond to my queries like ‘contacts’ but I think it can after you train it. While this doesn’t necessarily emulate the experience of talking to a human, it does provide the customers with the information they need. Also, the service will probably cost you significantly less than a human worker. So, I guess it’s worth giving a shot.

If you were in need of this handy assistant, check out their website to get a quote.

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