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Accurate AT-01 TWS Review: Impressive Budget TWS

The Good

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Nice sound quality
  • Stable connection
  • Good battery

The Bad

  • It feels a little bit large
  • No AptX codec support
  • No dedicated software

Accurate has launched yet another TWS Accurate AT-01 in Nepal. Accurate AT-01 price in Nepal is Rs. 3,499. It is available in three colors: White, Pink, and Black. It is available for purchase via Daraz, Accurate Facebook page, and offline retailers across the country.

I have been using this TWS earbud for the past few weeks and I will say that I like it for its price of Rs. 3,499.

Accurate AT-01 Specifications

  • Body: 7 g in total (earphones only), 33 g (Box)
  • Driver: 13 mm audio driver
  • Bluetooth® Version: 5.0 + BR + EDR
  • Battery Capacity: 40 mAh (each bud), 400 mAh (Box), up to 12 hours of playback
  • Charging Port: Type-C Charging, 5V1A
  • Colors: White/Pink/Black

Accurate AT-01 Price in Nepal: Rs. 3,499

Accurate AT-01 Review


Accurate AT-01 is a half-in ear TWS with design inspiration from Apple Airpods. It has wider steam with a chrome trim on the top. It will definitely stand out when you’re wearing it and I feel that it is slightly big.

Accurate AT-01
Accurate AT-01 TWS

Talking about its comfort, it is pretty lightweight as the earbuds only measure 8gm in total.

I have been using this while doing the workout as well and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing an earphone at all. It’s comfortable and it fits really well for my ear size. The earphone does not fall out even while working out and it easily passes the head shake test.

Its case is also quite compact and can be easily stored in the pocket. The case has UBS-Type C charging port on the back and has a LED indicator for the battery.

Accurate AT-01 Case
Accurate AT-01 Case

After using it for more than a week, there are no scratches on the case as well. It is well built and doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Sound Quality

Accurate AT-01 uses 13mm audio driver and has a balanced sound profile with a slight bias towards bass. So, the sound quality is quite good if you want to listen to pop songs. And, even though it’s a half-in ear TWS, it provides a good seal and in turn, the bass is also decent.

However, the high frequencies don’t sound as good and defined. So, it is not as good if you’re listening to rock songs. But, it’s overall sound quality is quite good for the price.

Also, you will notice a slight lag between audio and video if you’re watching videos or playing games. It’s more evident while playing games like PUBG.

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Touch Controls

Like most of the TWS, it comes with touch controls. You can use a single tap to play/pause, double-tap on left/right to skip/go to the previous song, and long press for voice assistant.

The touch controls are very sensitive, so it works well all the time.


Accurate AT-01 uses Bluetooth V5.0 so it boasts the standard range of 10m. And, I haven’t had any problem with its connectivity. I haven’t had any connection drop within its range and I haven’t had audio drops as well.

But something I noticed was that the song would pause and then play again sometimes. However, this was very rare. I noticed it twice during my usage.

Accurate Logo
Accurate Logo

Something else to note, it doesn’t support multiple connections even with the Bluetooth 5.0 on board. So, you will have to disconnect from the laptop if you want to connect it to your smartphone and vice versa. This feature comes in really handy but it is sad that the Accurate AT-01 doesn’t feature it.

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Furthermore, it includes a built-in mic for phone calls. So, you cause the TWS for phone calls and the audio quality is quite good. The receiver was also able to hear my voice clearly.


The buds have a 40 mAh battery and the case has a 400 mAh battery.

I was getting around 4-5 hours of playback time from the buds in a single cycle. And the case provides two cycles of full charge, so I was getting around 12 hours of total playback time.

The battery life is quite good and it will mostly last for a day with average usage. Also, the buds take 1 hour to charge and the case will take around 70 mins to go from 0 to 100%.

Should You Buy It?

I was impressed with the sound quality of Accurate AT-01 and it has good battery capacity as well. Then, it has a really good fit for my ear size. Overall, I enjoyed using the Accurate AT-01.

It would have been better if it had support for the AptX codec and some premium features like a quick-connect for a seamless transition between devices. Else, Accurate AT-01 is one of the best TWS you can get for the price.

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