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6 Great Accessories for Your Smartphone

Many people can’t imagine their life without their smartphone: contacts, social networks, calendar, camera, access to https://m.22bet.bi/, games – everything can be found there. A lot of useful add-ons have been invented for such an important gadget. Some are for protection, others improve comfort and functionality, or provide entertainment. Here are the most important ones.

Protective Cover

It’s the most important accessory to buy for any smartphone. The case instead of a nice expensive back panel can change the impression of the device, but it will protect the gadget when falling on a hard surface.

The most invisible and yet quite effective covers are silicone or polycarbonate bumpers for the back panel, they often come with your smartphone. It is desirable to choose a cover that would be slightly above the surface of the screen. Then you can safely place the smartphone on the table display down. If the screen is curved, it is important to take care of protection in the corners. Bumper can have additional functions: for example, a pocket for the card.

A book case provides the best protection for your smartphone from damage because it covers the device from all sides. In many cases, when you open it, the screen turns on automatically. For some smartphones, there are cases with a small window where you can see notifications and data of the caller.

Fast and Wireless Charger

A fast charger is an adapter that can give your device power with increased voltage and amperage. Such devices can charge 2 or more times faster, on some smartphones, you can get 100% in just 40 minutes. With flagship smartphones, such powerful adapters are put, but you can buy them separately. Whether and what type of fast charging is supported, you need to look separately for each smartphone in the manual or on the producer’s website.


Such a small box with a built-in battery will be enough for 2-3 recharging your smartphone. The price of the battery depends on the capacity and additional features, such as a flashlight or support for fast and wireless charging. One of the most common external batteries is a Power Bank with 10000 mAh, they are quite capacious and cost inexpensive. The only drawback is that they also need to be charged!

Wireless Headphones

Headphones that are not wired to your smartphone and can work on their own are called TWS (True Wireless Stereo). They are usually sold with a case where they are not only stored but also recharged. The headphones connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and each can be used as a headset.

TWS headphones come in two types. Earbuds fit in your ear and do not isolate your ear from outside sounds. They are especially useful for moving freely around town on foot or by bicycle, when you want to hear not only the music, but also what’s going on around you.

In-canal headphones need to be inserted into the ear canal, and they are good at insulating external sounds. The sound itself can be richer and fuller in these earphones than in earmuffs, and they usually come with several sizes of ear cushions – you can choose the right fit for you. The more expensive models come with an active noise cancellation mode.

SmartWatch or Fitness Bracelet

These accessories replaced the usual watch for many people. They can count steps and heart rate, show notifications, and with some watches you can even make a phone call.

Your choice should be guided by the functions you want: a simple fitness bracelet is enough to assess the quality of sleep and calorie counting. And the watch is needed as a stylish accessory and functional gadget that can replace your smartphone.

Portable Speaker

An indispensable accessory for those who like to share music with friends. Speakers differ in size and power, and sound quality in most of them is comparable. For use at home or while riding a bike, a small speaker with up to 3-4 watts of sound power will be enough, but for full fun in nature or a great party, you can take a more powerful and oversized speaker. It’s more expensive but sounds much better.

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