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Approx 70% of Nepalis Listen to the Radio on Mobile Phones [Survey]

In an event organized to mark the 20th anniversary of Radio Sagarmatha, Chief of Sharecast Initiative Nepal, Madhu Acharya presented that 70% of Nepalis listen to the radio on their mobile phones. The percentage fluctuates according to the change in political activities even though only 30 to 40 percent people listen to the radio for news in the country.

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Also at the same program, Bhairav Risal, Nonagenarian and once program presenter at Radio Sagarmatha remarked the launched of Radio Sagarmatha to be a wonder. He said that Radio Sagarmatha, the first community radio of Nepal, demolished the strong wall of the concept of government-controlled media by reaching the public.

Rajendra Dahal, the senior journalist, talked about the introduction of the National Broadcasting Act 2049 BS that paved the way to start FM Radio in Nepal. He stressed on the need to focus on changing the content to suit the changing taste of listeners.

Kanak Mani Dixit said, “In the flood of FM radios- some 400 in the country- some radios should be aware of preventing the loss caused by misdeeds of others. Grave incidents can be prevented with positive news.”

All other speakers stated the need to change and diversify media content to serve the tastes of a changing nation.

The program also included a video presentation showing the effect of the royal takeover on FM radio staff and journalists.

Edited by – Prabina Neupane

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