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5 Nepali Apps To Get Election Update

After the election conducted on the 7th of December, most of the people in Nepal are eagerly waiting for the updates on the election and the result.

To get updates on the election more efficiently there are different apps that provide information on the election. Below listed are the top five apps that provide the updates on the election.

Election Updates Apps in Nepal

#1. Nepal Election 2074

This app contains live updates of the election. It also contains videos and written news that provide all news related to the election. The votes and news related to elections are updated frequently.

The top of the homepage of the app shows the summary of the wins and leads of each party. It has a feature “हेभिवेट भिडन्त” (Heavyweight attack), which shows the top competition among two candidates in an area by showing their name and votes. It clearly shows which candidate is winning at a particular instant.

The live update section contains the votes gained by each party at a particular instant. The app also contains a list of candidates sorted according to the state and district. It also contains a section called Pradesh which lists different States. Clicking on a particular Pradesh lists different Districts each of which contains information on the election candidate of that district.

Download Nepal Election 2074

#2. Hamro Patro

The major attraction of this app is that the users can get election update in the language of their preference, Nepali or English. The app contains different information related to the news.

The app contains the summary of the winning and leading of each party in both: under Federal Parliament and Provincial Assembly. It also summarizes the votes as per Parties, State, and Districts. The app also contains results for popular areas and districts containing the number of votes of candidates. It also has a list of popular candidates with their information. You get to also search for the information of your area.

Download Hamro Patra

#3. ECN App

This is an app by Election Commision Nepal that contains all the information related to the election 2074. The app has the section Election Result that contains election summary and detailed result.

The results are divided according to the Provincial Assembly and House of Representatives Election. Each page further provides the option of a detailed result or the summary of the result. The result can be searched according to the State, District, and Area. Added to all that, this app also contains the result of the previously conducted local election.

Download ECN App

#4. Online Khabar

This app provides live updates on the election in the Election 2074 result: Live segment. Users can navigate to this section through the homepage under the Main News section. In the Election 2074 Result: Live segment, the user can search for candidates as per State, District and Election Party. The app also provides news related to the election.

This app also provides the summary of the winning of each election parties and also the proper votes and candidate. It also shows the winning of each party according to their states with candidates name, the vote they gained and their top competition. The app has a feature ‘हट सिट ‘ which shows the top competition among election candidates.

Download Online Khabar

#5. Nagarik News

This News App contains a section dedicated to Election called ‘निर्वाचन बिशेष’ (Election Specials). This app can provide information in both English and Nepali.

In the top corner of this section, it provides an option to search for the result of a particular state of the particular district. The app also contains party winner section which shows the different parties and their wins and leads. It also shows different campaign videos and campaign news.

Download Nagarik News

Download one of these apps to get continuous updates on the election!

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