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Kathmandu Gets 5 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Four new e-vehicle charging stations have been set up in the Kathmandu Valley. So, in total there are five such stations, reports The Kathmandu Post. The first e-vehicle charging station was installed in Ratna Park last month. Now there are stations in Naxal, Thapathali, Sitapaila and in Singha Durbar at the National Planning Commission.

Photo Credit: The Kathmandu Post

These stations were installed by a Chinese Company, BYD Auto in association with NEA. The authorised distributor of BYD Auto in Nepal is CIMEX. According to the agreement, CIMEX will be in charge of operations and maintenance while NEA will be providing the power. A station has a capacity of 40KW and costs nearly Rs. 1.5 million.

General Manager of CIMEX, Biraj Adhikari said, “We have been setting up such charging stations in a bid to promote electronic vehicles in Nepal. These stations are being installed for public convenience. As these devices charge up the vehicles for an entire week at once, the customers needn’t buy a charging device.”

CIMEX is also planning to double the stations in Nepal and set up stations in Chitwan, Pokhara, Bhairahawa and other parts of the country. Adhikari said, “We are also open to working in cooperation with any organization, government offices if they wish to have such stations at their premises.

Adhikari added that the company may start a Point of Sales (POS) system to use the stations as well. The customers can pay by swiping their cards. CIMEX is also planning to launch a mobile app that allows users to get information about the stations and their schedules.

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