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 360-degree Parking Camera: How it Works & its Benefits

Technological advancements in automotive are making driving more safe and easy. With the introduction of 360-degree parking camera in models like Honda HR-V, Nissan and Land Rover, even the new drivers can park their cars without worries.

Modern cars are fitted with cameras to aid drivers to have a full surround view of their cars when parking, reversing or driving. Another sophisticated camera installed in cars is the bird’s eye view camera that allows drivers to see the top of their car.  Most collisions happen due to blind spots that occur anytime and anywhere.

What is a 360-Degree Parking Camera?

This is a parking aid system that comprises the use of sensors, cameras and a screen mounted in the interior of the car close to the dashboard. The information displayed on the screen helps the drivers to park safely and with ease.

The combination of software and hardware to display real-time images is what makes this parking system efficient. Most cars have a minimum of 4 cameras to provide a full surrounding view.

Whereas current new cars are sold completely fitted with a 360-degree parking camera system, there also systems available in the market ready to equipped to the old vehicles.

How Does a 360 Degree Parking Camera Work in a Car?

The 360-degree parking system is designed to help drivers when parking in both reverse and forward direction.

At the centre of this system is imaging software that stitches images together to provide a virtual aerial view. These images are collected by cameras that mounted underneath side mirrors, at the rear bumper, grille and at the tail. All the cameras are strategically located and connected to the software.

To detect and estimate the distance of the obstacles, ultrasonic proximity sensors and electromagnetic proximity sensors are used.

The ultrasonic proximity sensors use high-frequency sound waves that emit sound pulses. These waves are reflected by any nearby objects. The reflected waves are reflected a receiver mounted into the car which then calculates the distance between the car and the object.

Since all the cameras transmit images to the software; much of the tasks are done by it. Firstly, the software eliminates image distortion caused by the wide-angle lenses. Secondly, it prevents overlapping or doubling of objects. Again, the software streamlines ground lines that would otherwise appear as broken.

After the images are aligned, the images are displayed on the screen inside the car.

What Are The Benefits of a 360 Degree Parking Camera?

Parking cameras make parking more simple. With the distance between your car and objects displayed on the screen, moving the car from one point is simple.

This system helps reduce collisions when parking. Other than relying on the 360-degree parking system, some models have their system connected with audio alerts that beep when the car is very close to obstacles.


The entire 360-degree parking camera is easy to know how it works. It’s among modern automotive technologies that have contributed immensely to enhancing safety and security in vehicles. Whereas it comes with its costs, the benefits outweigh the costs.

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