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5 Interesting Quora Discussion on ‘Startups in Nepal’ that you should not Miss

I started my day today with a search on Quora – unarguably the biggest discussion platform in the world where anybody can find best answers to the questions. So, with a random thought in my mind, I just ended up searching the questions asked for the topic ‘Startups in Nepal’.  At first, I was pretty excited to see plenty of questions for this keyword; topics seemed interesting. Then, went through some the topics at random. After few clicks, it appeared although the topics were interesting, the discussion inside the topic was zero. Most the questions were not answered, not a single response was present.


Although, the nice part is, few of the questions were answered gracefully by the well-known tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs like Amit Agrawal, CEO at Picovico and Ashsish Rai, Marketing Automation and Demand-Generation Consultant for Early Stage Startups.

In total, 25 questions were asked for this keyword on Quora, and I found 5 of these questions and their answers interesting to read. Here, I have listed them here for you, if you have enough time to spend, give them a read.


What kinds of tech startups are suitable to start in Nepal (beside a web company)?

An interesting read, for those who are planning to start one. Read the discussion here.

What are the problems involved with starting an innovative startup in Nepal?

One of the most discussed topics so far among the people who are thinking to start a startup in Nepal. Some of the problems involved with starting an innovative startup in Nepal are discussed here.

What small start-up business could we do with $50,000/- in any part of Nepal?

The answer thread is astonishing as it clarifies some of the major facts that we should consider before jumping to start a startup in Nepal. Read it here.

Kathmandu valley is witnessing more tech startups than other cities of Nepal. Why is KTM favored over other cities for starting business?

Why every tech startup favors Kathmandu valley than other cities has obvious answers. Kathmandu is the central hub to find every qualitative element to make a faultless tech startup. Read the discussion here.

What are the best tech startup networking events/meetups in Kathmandu, Nepal?

Plenty of tech startups events are being conducted in Kathmandu, some of them were listed in this discussion.  Read the discussion here.

You might also want to know about WordCamp Nepal 2015 that is being held this November.


As I wrote earlier, some of the interesting questions are still unanswered, either under the keyword ‘startups in Nepal’ or for any keyword that has some relevancy with technology in Nepal.

I would like to appeal all the tech enthusiasts to participate actively on such topics since they are the first-hand source of information for most of the people who have a keen interest in building a company in Nepal and want to cater their career in the field of technology.

Missed any interesting topic discussed on Quora about tech in Nepal or startups in Nepal? If yes, then please share it in the comments below.

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