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NIU Scooters Price in Nepal | 2018

niuThis page gives you the list of all NIU Scooter price in Nepal along with their key specifications. NIU is a Chinese company producing battery electrical scooters. NIU electric scooters are powered by the NIU BMS (Battery Management System) that connects each cell in parallel to create a robust core battery pack ensuring real-time monitoring of voltage, current, and temperature of the battery.

Point to be noted, the price for the NIU scooters mentioned below are not the Maximum Retail Price (M.R.P). So, it is likely that you might find some price gap in the market.

NIU Scooter Price in Nepal List, last updated: February 23, 2018

niu scooter price in nepal

NIU Scooter Price in Nepal
Latest NIU Scooter Models Price
NIU N1s Rs. 249000
NIU M1 Pro Rs. 229000

NIU Scooter Price in Nepal | 2018

niu n1s


  • Mileage (city): 80 km
  • Top Speed: 55 kmph
  • Number of Gears:  Automatic
  • Battery capacity: 29 ah (60v)
  • Weight (Dry): 95 kg
  • Charging time: 5-6hr
  • Maximum Passenger Weight: 155 Kg
  • Maximum Power: 2400w

NIU N1s Price in Nepal: Rs. 2,49,000

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NIU M1 Pro

niu m1 pro

  • Mileage (city): 100 km
  • Top Speed: n/a
  • Number of Gears:  Automatic
  • Battery capacity: 32 ah (48v)
  • Weight (Dry): 59 kg
  • Charging time: 6 Hr
  • Maximum Passenger Weight: 100 Kgs
  • Maximum Power: 1200w

NIU M1 Pro Price in Nepal: Rs. 2,29,000

The above mentioned NIU Scooter price in Nepal is updated often so as to provide you the latest price list. We will keep updating this list of NIU Scooter Price in Nepal as more NIU electric Scooters enter the Nepali market.

If you have any concern about any of the scooters listed above on the NIU Scooter price in Nepal list then comment it down in the comments section below.

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