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Daraz 12.12 Sale Day Begins – Promises up to 60% OFF

It’s here again, the end of the decade is back again to take another year out of our precious lives. In this time of grief and self-contemplation, you know what’s most comforting?

For me, it’s buying a new item for myself. Even more comforting is when a particular item that I’m searching for is on 60% sale! Well, the Santa that’s bringing me this “End of the Year Sales” gift is Daraz.

Yes, that’s right Daraz, the biggest ecommerce platform in Nepal, is bringing back “The end of the year” sales. Right after the company’s biggest “11.11” day sale, they’ve hit us with a “12.12 Day” sale that offers massive discounts on branded products, numerous gifts, and promotional yet appealing offers. So, without a further ado, let’s go in-depth and know more about these offers.

What really is Daraz 12.12. Sale?

The Daraz 12.12 is a lot like the 11.11 day sale. Though it won’t have as much hype, it’ll still be the second largest online shopping carnival ever held in Nepal, which starts from today until 18 Dec.

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So, such a grand carnival should have grand preparations in order, should it not? Well, I’m happy Daraz thinks that way cause believe me, the arrangement this time is on a whole new level.

daraz 12.12 nepal
Daraz 12.12 Exciting Schemes

Well, for starters this parade involves everything that was there in the 11.11 day. Digital payments, vouchers, Mega Deals you name it. Exclusive deals on smartphones, TVs from interesting brands are still here. OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi are on a run with many of their products featuring in the 12.12-day sale.

But hey, these aren’t the right things to be excited about this time. You see, this carnival includes a lot of more exciting aspects. Let’s take a look at each of them individually:

1 Rupee Game

I know the name sounds quite interesting, but it’s not quite what you’re imagining. Well, it’s somewhat similar but there’s a twist. You see, everyday the game presents a new product for grabs. First you need to order the product at its current rate, and if you’re lucky enough; when shipping the product could come to you at just Re 1.

It’s a lot like gambling; you put your money on the product and somehow if from some lucky draw, if your name comes up, you get the product for just a rupee!

Mission 12.12

For Mission 12.12, you are given a time limit of 12 days. If you manage to complete each of these individual tasks, by the end of the trial you stand a chance at receiving gifts from multiple brands like Sony, Timberland, Titan and many more. To take part, all you need to do is to give your email address and you’re done.

Up to 60% Discounts!

Well, what’s a sale without discounts, am I right? Daraz 12.12 has tons of discounts in store for you. Vouchers, credit/debit card discounts and flash sales, if you manage to combine these discounts in the right place, you might even get some products for free! I’m joking but I hope that you get the basic idea.

Well, even aside that Daraz has offered tons of discounts on various products. While surfing, I even saw a 72% discount on a product. Who knows, maybe you’re lucky and get an even better discount?

Custom Delivery

This is by far one the best suited preparation for me. Well, the basic idea is that you place your order and you can collect it from particular pick-up points scattered all around Nepal. For me, this is way better than sending delivery riders. I just have to place the order and when it’s ready, the product can be relayed to a pick-up spot near me and I can collect it when I’m free. You know, what the best part is? It’s absolutely free!


Everything that I just mentioned is just a small part of the carnival. A lot of aspects are hidden within the daraz app as well. Exchanging vouchers for referrals, interesting deals on kitchen items and foods as well, welcome gifts, and something called hot picks. I mean there so many things to look out for. I could go on and on and on and it still wouldn’t cover everything.

So, let’s not spoil all the fun right here. I’ll leave some of the searching for you. If you do manage to come across an interesting deal, do let me know in secret!

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