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Spyic App: How do I Catch My Cheating Girlfriend?

If you are in a serious romantic relationship with your girlfriend, you may be curious if she is cheating. Cheating in a relationship has never been easier than today, with smartphones and the different online services. 

Cheating girlfriend no longer has to spend days coordinating the best time to meet with her clandestine boyfriend. All she needs is a smartphone. 

However, besides the advanced of cheating, there are advanced ways of catching a cheat. There are smartphone surveillance apps that let you catch her in the act. 

She can clear her text messages, delete the call logs, and save her clandestine boyfriend under aliases. Despite her efforts, you will be able to catch her using spy apps that track all activities on her phone. 

Some of these apps let you bust your girlfriend since they save even deleted conversations on her device. That said, here we highlight the most effective way to catch a cheating girlfriend using Spyic. 

Spyic – The most trusted spy app

As the most reliable spy app, Spyic allows you to track virtually all smartphone activities. The app can monitor calls and messages, browser history, files, location, and messages shared on social media. 

Spyic can track Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram without jailbreaking or rooting the target device. The app supports surveillance of devices running on Android and iOS. 

Essentially, if your girlfriend is cheating, Spyic will catch her interacting with her clandestine boyfriend in some way. With Spyic, anyone cheating your girlfriend on phone will be exposed. 

What sets Spyic apart from the competition?

Spyic design allows people who are concerned about their relationships to spy on their spouses in discreet. The app is equipped with amazing capabilities that make it easy to bust a cheating girlfriend activities. 

Some of the industry-leading abilities of Spyic include:  

  1. 100% undetectable

Not only does Spyic let you track your girlfriend online, but also ensures your surveillance takes place discreetly. All Spyic operations run in stealth mode. The app runs in the background to ensures the phone performance is not affected.

If your girlfriend uses a smartphone that runs on Android, it is easy to track her without disclosing your identity. The Android app after installation, automatically deletes its icon.

Also, when you are done spying on her phone, you can uninstall the Android app remotely in just one click. This is possible through Spyic online dashboard. She will not know that you have been spying on all her activities. 

The app uses very little system resources; she will not realise that she is under surveillance. If she uses an iOS device, you can track her activities without touching it. 

No installation is necessary on iOS devices. So, Spyic lets you set up her iOS device remotely. You only need her iCloud credentials. By providing these credentials, you can track what’s taking place on her device.

  1. Remote surveillance capability 

Spyic lets you spy on your cheating girlfriend remotely via a web browser. As a web-based surveillance app, Spyic lets you track all the activities of your cheating girlfriend remotely. 

You only need to log in to your Spyic dashboard. 

  1. Message and social media surveillance

Spyic lets you track all the message on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LINE and WhatsApp. Also, you spy on all the text messages she sends or receives. 

Even when she deletes all shared messages on her device, you can still read them. Its social media spy capability lets you monitor all you cheating girlfriend’s social media activities. 

With Spyic, you can see what she shares on her timeline and her posts. Also, you can view her photos and videos. As well, the app lets you access her browsing history.

  1. Android keylogger

With this feature, Spyic lets you record all keystrokes made on her device. This feature can even capture her passwords. It captures all the details and shares them automatically in your Spyic dashboard. 

You will even know if your cheating girlfriend has an account on any dating website site. So, Spyic will let you know if your girlfriend is on any dating website. 

With Spyic, you can track all her logs on your Spyic dashboard, which you can access remotely.

  1. Safe and secure

Spyic does not require rooting Android or jailbreaking iOS devices for the app to work. Rooting or jailbreaking a device compromises its security and leaves the user vulnerable. 

Also, Spyic does not gather or store personal data on its server. This ensures the target’s data privacy is not compromised. 

How to catch your cheating girlfriend using Spyic

Spyic is among the easiest spy apps to use. To bust your cheating girlfriend, you have to take a couple of steps to set the app. Here are the steps:

Step 1: You need to sign up for a Spyic account. Also, ensure you subscribe to a plan that you feel will suit your needs. 

Step 2: Now select the target device. If she uses an Android device, you’ll need physical access to download and install the app. In case she uses an iOS device, you set up Spyic remotely.Step 3: It will take a few clicks to set up the device, and you will be through. For her Android device, you will require one-time access to her device to install the app. It takes less than 5 minutes.

If she uses an iOS device, verify her iCloud credentials. Select the device you want to track from the list of devices linked to that iCloud account.

Step 4: Open your dashboard to access all the Spyic surveillance features and capabilities easily.

Here, you will be able to track her movements, chats, online activities and even her passwords. 


The best way to catch a cheating girlfriend is through a phone spy app. To have the best results, you need an app that is easy to use, such as Spyic. Spyic does not require technical know-how to use it.

We have shown you how can catch a cheating girlfriend using Spyic, a reliable and trusted spy app. The app is with multiple tracking features that set it apart. No wonder it has a 96% customer approval rating. 

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