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Five Tech Innovations That Help Online Casinos Stay Fresh

Online casino operators have always been willing to push the boundaries when it comes to implement new tech on their sites. They know it’s a competitive industry, and they must always be at the forefront of innovation to attract new players. Over the last couple of decades, casinos have become more diverse and interesting, arguably offering players a better overall experience.

Below we have picked out five areas that have helped online casinos stay fresh. Moreover, some of the areas are still developing, pointing to even more innovation and better experiences in the future:

Connected Jackpots

As with all modern businesses, economies of scale can be important when it comes to creating casino games. If you have a ten thousand players playing your game, then your jackpot will be a certain size. However, if your jackpot is connected to different games and millions of players, it can be enormous. Games series like Age of the Gods, Mega Moolah and Top Trumps have jackpots linked across different titles and different casinos, increasing the prize pool and the excitement among players.

Mobile Innovations

Getting games right for mobile is crucial for casino operators, especially as more and more players are choosing to play on their phones. The key is to replicate all of the important aspects of desktop games – graphics, gameplay, payouts, video streaming – when moving to mobile. Perhaps, the most important area here is translating live dealer games to mobile. This too, has been achieved in recent years, with anyone being able to play with real dealers provided they have a relatively stable internet connection.

Licensing Agreements

A top casino will have hundreds of games, but they can’t all be blackjack, roulette or ‘fruit machine’ slots. Having games all looking and feeling the same would be pretty boring. The solution for casinos is to create games that are based on pop culture – almost like video games – by striking licensing deals with movie studios and so on. For example, the Casino.com games on mobile include branded slots based on Superman, Batman, Gladiator, Top Gun, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Marilyn Monroe and countless others. It provides brand-recognition for players, but also means there is fresh material for developers to base new games on.

Progress-Recording Software

If you are playing a regular video game on a PS4 or Xbox, you’ll be able to switch it off and then pick up from where you left off days later. The same cookie-like technology applies for online casino games, allowing players to pick up from where they left off even weeks later. This is important because many games, especially slots, have special features, which can potentially be more lucrative, unlocked over time.

Live Dealer Games

To be fair, most players believe live dealer casino has not yet reached its full potential – yet. Top casinos will offer live dealer tables on games like roulette, poker and blackjack, and the video streaming and console technology is phenomenal. It’s just like playing in a real land-based casino. However, expect even more innovations in this area in the coming years, allowing for an even greater immersive experience.

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