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Give Your Brain a Boost With Old School Mind Games

Here at TechLekh, we love anything that can help improve or keep tabs on our health. From telemedicine for rural communities to the best health bands available in Nepal, if it’s health-related, we’re all for it. But one thing we rarely hear about online in Nepal is the power of brain-boosting games. And no, we’re not talking about those brain-training games that set daily tasks to keep your mind active (although we do love them).

Today we’re actually talking about those games that everyone has heard of. The old games of your youth that were so much fun. So we’re ditching tech for today to bring it back to the old school with these brilliant brain-boosting games.


As far as brain-boosting games go, chess is pretty hard to beat. It’s incredibly challenging and just learning each of the possible moves can take quite some time. From the outset, playing chess actually feels like it’s boosting your short-term memory as you are memorizing the moves and analyzing the board in preparation for your next move, but it also improves your long-term memory.

Chess helps keep your mind sharp

As this is a strategic game, players will commit plays and moves to memory and remember the outcome each time they have tried one before. Now, it takes no rocket scientist to figure out that thinking strategically in this way gives your brain a serious workout. Add to that the fact that it’s a game that demands total focus and concentration and you have the perfect game that also happens to be a brilliant stress reliever.


The good old crossword might seem like a bit of a pointless task but trust us, it’s an exercise well worth taking the time to do. It’s a great cognitive workout that is said to be wonderful for keeping the mind active. However, while some maintain that this type of game can stave off the effects of dementia, doctors feel that it’s just one of many ways to do so.

As with chess, crosswords tend to be ideal stress relievers allowing players to take their mind off work and worries. But if this is your option take care. It’s quite easy to get good at this type of puzzle particularly if you play a crossword from the same paper every day. Crosswords only have brain-boosting effects when they are challenging so mix it up and play puzzles from different sources.

Card games

Card games have long been known to be quite taxing on the brain. Depending on your choice of game, there could be dozens or even hundreds of hands and card combinations to remember before you can master the game. Did you know that some retirement homes actively promote games such as bridge and poker, as they help keep the minds of older people sharp?

For example, poker is mathematical, and a game of a incomplete information. And so for obvious reasons, it’s a great way to keep your arithmetic in check while also improving your decision-making abilities. Bridge is similar but is in actual fact, more difficult to learn. Whichever you decide to take up, just remember that you’ll need a few willing friends to join you.


No, these are not just for kids. Of course, that all depends on how many pieces you have in your puzzle. But generally speaking anything over 1000 pieces should be enough to give your problem solving and sorting skills a solid workout.

The great thing about jigsaw puzzles is that you can play them on your own and choose something that you like the look of. Even better, though, is the fact that there is an enormous sense of satisfaction in clicking those pieces into place. In fact, the act of clicking is known to release dopamine to the brain giving you and nice buzz with every piece placed correctly.

Now, far be it from us to recommend leaving your tech to one side, but for these games it’s not a bad idea. Having said that, if you can’t manage to put your tablet or smartphone down, there are tons of apps on the market for each of these games. You’ll struggle to find a good jigsaw one though, of that we’re sure.

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