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6 Reasons to Choose Mobile Over Console Gaming!

Console vs PC gaming used to be a seriously hot debate ( when console gamers could actually band together to debate with PC enthusiasts, instead of debating Xbox vs Playstation) . But since mobile games are more popular than ever, people are wondering where mobile gaming stands on the totem pole of things.

It turns out mobile is pretty high up, and has actually surpassed console gaming in recent years, in terms of revenue and players. So if we assume that mobile is the future of gaming, as many have speculated, let’s examine 6 reasons you should choose mobile as your main gaming platform over consoles.

Mobile technology is catching up

It was speculated several years ago that mobile phone technology would rival consoles, and those predictions are slowly coming true, both in hardware specs and in overall game sales. In fact, more than half of all video game industry revenue comes from mobile games, globally. PC and console games with advanced graphics, like Fortnite , PUBG, and Lineage II have been successfully ported to mobile devices.

Mobile phone technology has considerably improved in recent years. Apple’s A13 Bionic, and Snapdragon’s 855 Adreno 640, are incredibly powerful GPUs, roughly comparable to a modern Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 discrete GPU for gaming computers. For a look at how powerful mobile devices are becoming, check out this list of mobile games with the most advanced graphics in 2019.

Mobile devices are more versatile

Aside from the advantage of portability, mobile devices are increasingly versatile, and can be turned into miniature consoles or streaming devices with a few accessories. You can stream your mobile device’s screen to your Smart TV using various cable connections, or wirelessly stream with software like Chromecast. Then you can plug a console-style gamepad into your mobile device, and enjoy games like Evoland 2 , Fortnite , and Street Fighter IV with full gamepad support.

Yes, you’re basically turning your mobile device into a console, but that’s an impressive feat for 6” devices. It goes to show that as technology improves, there will likely be very little reason to purchase large consoles that stay fixed in one room.

Furthermore, mobile games aren’t limited to just mobile games, but you can also play numerous browser-based games on your mobile device. Many browser game websites have mobile-friendly versions, and this means you could, for example, play 3D slot games on Casumo casino without installing any additional apps.

The future of VR / AR is on mobile

Numerous companies, including Qualcomm, and personalities like legendary video game programmer John Carmack, have speculated that the future of VR technology is on mobile, for good reason. There’s no arguing that currently, VR technology is strongest on PC, followed by console – but that’s also where it’s most expensive.

Standalone VR kits, such as Oculus Quest, BNext VR Pro, and Samsung Gear, have made VR much more accessible on mobile devices, and an increasing number of mobile devices are being launched with VR-ready capabilities. It’s only a matter of time before the few drawbacks of mobile VR, like inconsistent head-tracking compared to VR on PC, are improved upon.

Game populations are higher

There are many popular MMORPGs on mobile right now, with titles like AdventureQuest 3D, Runescape Classic, Arcane Legends , Lineage 2 , and plenty others. Furthermore, a handful of mobile games are cross-platform compatible, meaning that mobile users can play alongside PC and console gamers.

But overall, because mobile gamers make up approximately half of the entire game industry, there’s no shortage of players in popular multiplayer games. If your favorite multiplayer game on PC or console seems to have a “dead” community, with very few servers to join, try some popular mobile titles and you’ll be amazed at how active the populations are.

Gaming on mobile is definitely cheaper

There are very few mobile games that require any kind of monthly subscription to play, and most mobile games are based on freemium models, except titles that are directly paid for upfront – but even still, premium mobile games are generally much cheaper than console and PC titles.

Furthermore, playing online mobile games doesn’t require any subscription service, like how you need to pay for Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch, or Playstation Plus. So overall, switching to mobile gaming will save you money on game titles and console network subscriptions.

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