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BMW Presents Breakthrough ADAS Prototype With Its Luxury Vision iNext

BMW is projected to ship 2.2 million ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) units by 2020, a trend that is mirrored by many other competitors of the sector. The use of artificial intelligence and advanced data processing to assist the driver in many tasks, from parking and regulating cabin temperature to choosing the music and taking their eyes off the road entirely, will mark the future evolution of cars. BMW’s Vision iNext, a prototype set to launch in 2021, is claimed to deliver cutting edge ADAS technology. BMW is making its entrance in the Nepali market and and offering a wider variety of models, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that in two years from now we will see the Vision iNext rolling down local streets.

BMW’s presence in the local market is expanding

A few months ago, BMW launched its G310 motorcycle series in Nepal, as a first step into the local market. BMW cars are accessible through foreign dealers or direct sale, while the company projects to license official dealers in the territory. BMW prices range from NRs. 1.5 crore to NRs. 12.5 crore, which seems puts most top models beyond the reach of many people. However, with the right financing scheme, even the most luxurious of BMW cars are accessible for dreaming drivers.

The revolutionary iNext’s Natural Interaction system

With a first line combination of facial and gesture recognition systems, voice processing and 5G connectivity, the Vision iNext interacts with the driver as naturally as another human being. Gestures with the fingers and eyes, combined with programmed voice commands, allow the driver to easily control all functions of the vehicle. The surfaces of the cabin are built with intelligent materials, so any passenger can activate or control functions with a mere touch, even outside the screens. Powered by the latest developments in artificial intelligence, the systems of the Vision iNext are capable of learning from the driver and adapting to their requests and preferences, offering accurate responses to any request.

HD cameras replace all mirrors and allow the system to process data about the exterior of the vehicle. By merely pointing at a building and asking a question, the driver can access information about the place, as well as conduct operations such as purchasing tickets and booking visits online. The 5G connection allows any passenger to access voice-activated Internet searches and services such as Amazon Alexa and Google with no effort at all.

Intelligent cars are the next step in the automotive evolution, and we are seeing the first prototypes in international conventions. It is just a matter of months before the big manufacturers offer their darling model to the market. Smart driving powered by artificial intelligence will definitively be at the center of the new generation of cars.

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