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Best Places to Learn About Tech Online

When it comes to learning about technology online, there are a huge number of websites and communities that each offer an absolute wealth of information on just about anything tech-related that you can imagine! Throughout the rest of this article, we’ll explore some of those that are most popular, and some of those that are best at offering more specific information on certain topics in technology! To read more about a range of tech and gaming topics, please check out breech.co.


PCWorld is first up! It offers information on a number of technologies. It’s news section is the ultimate place to go for the reader that has a keen interest in all new technology-related releases, no matter what the sector! This section differs all the time, one day it might have information on a new headphone release, and the next day a full rundown on smart bulbs, one just doesn’t know! Next up is the reviews section, the reviews section is great and much like the rest of the website, it is extremely easy to navigate and find information on one thing, if you happen to have visited in search of a particular review! It also has an instructive section, which has well-written articles on a number of products, and how to use them.

These topics can range from the use of basic technologies to the building of advanced ones – it has a read for everyone. The ‘Deals’ section of the site is great too – it lists information of well-priced tech that PCWorld thinks is good – a great place to go if you’re looking to get something new that’s tech-related for a good price, and would like to make sure it is good and is what you’re looking for before buying! PCWorld has a number of other sections that cover different sectors of technology such as technology that is used in business, as well as all types of tech-related hardware, software, and audio.


TechRadar is a site that offers a wealth of information and advice on newly released and up and coming releases in the world of technology. TechRadar is famous for it’s review section, and for good reason, it is simply fantastic. This section has a review on any technology that you could possibly imagine – including wearables, phones, laptops, PC’s and PC hardware, games consoles, everything! All of the reviews listed here are well-written and very easy to understand.

They offer sound advice on what they consider to be a good deal and what they don’t, as well as usability information on products should you decide to or have already purchased them. TechRadar also has a great ‘Deals’ section. This section like the rest of the site is extremely easy to find your way about in – it contains a vast number of non-biased reviews covering all areas of technology and their products. This is a great place to come if you are trying to decide between two similar products and would like further insight, or if you are looking for a new product and are not sure which is best!

Both PCWorld and TechRadar offer a vast amount of honest and helpful information to help you learn about tech online!

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